ebay calling me by name (not a physical call)?

  1. are you guys ever on eBay and it says your NAME + your username?

    at the top, it usually says:

    "Hello, (insert username here)!"

    i got on eBay today in the late afternoon, and it said something about my cookies. i ignored it, closed out and did other things. i went back a bit later and everything seemed fine, so i entered my info (yes, the site page looked legit). then i noticed it said my actual NAME at the top of the page! now it's back to normal (just username)...what's up with that?

    i hate browsing and feeling so worried!


    edit: it's doing it again! i guess i'm safe as i was just looking at items, and now clicked on the following page...what does this mean? the majority of the font seems to be grey and the entire page looks lighter..

    let's see if this link works:
  2. eBay has implemented a lot of changes recently, but i think they're beta testing, as in not ALL the pages look that ALL the time. don't worry about it. just as long as the link says ebay.com, you're fine. just make sure not to click on outside links that might direct you to a fake site where they can hijack your info.
  3. It's using my name, as well. It just had my username, as usual, on the homepage after I logged in, but when I did a search it had my first name with username in parentheses at the top once the results page came up.

    I suppose it's something new they're trying to personalize your eBay experience. :rolleyes:
  4. btw, the other day i searched for something and was really surprised because like you said, everything was lighter! and sort of less...crowded looking.
  5. I think it's beta testing. Mine was doing that, too - but there is a button near the bottom that says opt out of beta testing that will make it go back to "normal"
  6. They have changed the US site format etc today from what I have seen.
  7. thanks guys...

    i did get an email today though (i've NEVER gotten a phish email either) which was telling me that now paypal debit card was now supporting foxfire? not sure what that means...

    it was from paypal@email.paypal.com

    is that legit?

    just so i know for future ref...i couldn't see anything when i opened the email, but my bf's desktop doesn't run on foxfire so that may be why.

  8. Thats looking like a fake email if you ask me... just check all your other emails from paypal... if none of them match... its gotta be fake.
  9. Just forward the email to spoof@paypal.com and they will inform you if its from them or not.
  10. GRRR!

    now ebay has given me an alert and is telling me to change my password. is this legit?
  11. I got the same one and changed it. I had this password for 7 years, now all of a sudden? Today I got another one from paypal, something about profile, logo? Not sure what they are talking about?
  12. I recently got an e-mail from ebay to change my password. I think there was something weird going on with my account as I got strange questions from other ebayers the previous day. When you get these e-mails, don't use any links in the e-mail. Rather log into your ebay account and check messages there.
  13. Yes, it sure does! When I click on my ebay page it has my real name and my ebay (name) next to it. I didn't notice it until I read this post. I have been getting more junk mail lately and attribute it to the fact that I have been doing more "shopping". But no emails lately from ebay to change my password. I did receive one about 6 months ago and changed alot of my passwords just in case.
  14. i am going to change my password because i have an alert to...i hate feeling like such a scaredy cat with ebay!
  15. I changed mine with first email. Then got the second email from paypal. ITs weird because I then went into paypal account, copied and pasted this email and forwarded it to them to verify if from them and haven't gotten a reply. Usually they respond fast. Later, I changed my ebay password again, just to play it safe.