eBay.ca 0.10 promotion OCTOBER 9!!

  1. I can't wait for the US to have a $.10 listing day.
  2. You lucky Canadians! I wish we'd get a promotion like that!
  3. FYI
    I contacted Live Help asking why eBay.ca and not eBay.com

    Response was not sure but they are expecting October Promotions to come out any day now...

    Crossing fingers!! I have a ton to list for the holidays!!
  4. ^Same here. I liked the promotion from September but now in order to cut down on my listing fees, I've stopped putting in the gallery pic. This promotion would help a lot!
  5. I liked Septembers promotion as well, I always use the gallery anyway so it literally cut my monthly fees in half!
  6. Usually when Canada gets a promo, the US gets either the same time or within the week so hold tight! :biggrin:

    This one is coming at the absolutely most PERFECT time. Yayyyyyyy.
  7. I hope we get it too!