Ebay buys of the day

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  1. Well, since my outlet has none of the items that I want right now, and they said they are doing inventory next week and will have nothing new then either, I had to break down and get these two little goodies on ebay. Not outlet prices, but I got two good b/o acceptances, so Im pleased. My good buddy Mokie suggested these would work great w/my ruby patent gallery tote, and that was it - I had to have them! Will post their modeling pic when both pieces arrive.

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  2. Those are very pretty. I resorted to ebay for my amanda accessories. And even though I paid a lot more than the outlet prices, I am still very happy with them. Not everyone is lucky to have an outlet close by. And every outlet does not always have what we are looking for. thank goodness I can always depend on ebay. Congrats!
  3. I really like the subtle symmetry of the pouch keyfob! :smile:
  4. Comgrats
  5. So pretty donnalynn!
  6. So fun, and I bet they will be gorgeous with your ruby patent gallery tote. Can't wait to see the "family portrait".
  7. Thanks!! All these 9.99 scarf posts are killing me - my outlet always has the worst selection of scarves and accessories, so the chances of them having any resort stuff was slim at best, but when I called they had nothing at all from this collection. I agree, new2coach - sometimes ebay is my best friend too!
  8. Congrats on your purchases!!! I love the scarf!!!
  9. Congrats :tup:
  10. Yay, the resort stuff is growing on me! Can't wait to see it with your ruby gallery tote, as I'm thinking about picking up a few pieces to go with my Red Ergo.
  11. the outlet posts from everyone used to kill me but the bright side for me is, if they're so cheap at the outlets, some sellers will list them for good prices on the bay! :biggrin:
  12. Without an outlet, ebay and Dillards sales have to be my best friends! With all of the posts I've been seeing of all the great outlet stuff, it's probably a good thing I don't live near an outlet.
  13. I feel your pain Donnalynn..... my outlet did not get anything from this Resort print line in either, other than the keychain (which I bought!)

    I have a love/hate relationship with Evilbay though.
    It sucks that these resellers buy the stuff that we Coachies would buy otherwise but if your outlet never gets in the particular item that you wanted you would be S.O.L without Evilbay.

    Love your finds! The Resort print goes with so many bags.
  14. The resort pattern is growing on me. I am liking it more each time I see it and the scarf and miniskinny are really cute.

    I too have to do Ebay sometimes. I got a purple Lurex turnlock capacity wristlet for $35 shipped, so now I have something to match the mini skinny that my Winter RAOK buddy got me, I cant wait till it gets here.

  15. Agreed!

    Can't wait to see your modeling pictures with your new pieces, they will look so nice!