eBay Buying Warning - Check Photos Before Buying

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  1. I have been reporting 4 listings for the past week for photo theft. eBay, as usual, dropped the ball. I called them a total of 5 times this week.

    The item (actually 4 listings of the same item, listed as BIN and auction at the same time, and relisted) ended this morning.

    eBay said they are no longer actively removing closed listings that use someone elses photos and or text.

    So if you are buying something, please make sure the seller is not using stolen photos. Check both active and completed listing, because once it is ended, who knows what you will get in the mail.

    And of course the lying SOS seller tried to tell me they were her photos and text.
  2. It is appalling how ebay seems to turn a blind eye on this kind of thing. All they want to do it collect fees, and they really don't care how they get them. Thanks to a few vigilant people here, maybe some of these scammers won't make a sale. Keep up the good work, NoShoe.:smile: And good point to everyone who buys on ebay: check photos carefully. I mean does that have to be one of the questions to seller: "Are these photos stolen?":graucho:
    Jeez, ebay is too scary -- to buy or sell these days.
  3. If you click on the photos under the gallery shot, and they do not enlarge, start looking for photo theft.
  4. This is also something to be aware of when it comes to eBay and photo theft:

    "You can use images and text descriptions from the eBay product catalog in your listings without violating this policy. The product catalog may include, at our discretion, select seller-generated images or photos from seller listings. Unless the seller opts out of this program, the inclusion of such seller-generated photos in the eBay product catalog and the use of catalog content by eBay sellers in their eBay listings is authorized under the User Agreement."

    and heres the tidbits about what this catalog is:

    All photos you upload to listings may be selected for inclusion in our product catalog, unless you opt out of the program. You can't selectively choose which photos you want us to consider for inclusion in the catalog

    If your photo is chosen to represent a product in the product catalog, the link to your My World page will be available for as long as we use your photo to represent that product in the catalog.

    If you get a message that we've selected your photo for our product catalog, you'll need to opt out within 7 days, or the photo will be included.

    All photos collected while you’re opted in may, at our discretion, remain in the product catalog after you opt out. All photos and other content uploaded after you opt out won't be included in the product catalog.

    If your photos are used in the product catalog, you'll be eligible to receive 5 free subtitles. You can view them by going to My eBay and clicking the All Selling link. In the Listing offers section you'll see your free subtitles offer and how many are left. You'll have 90 days to use them before they expire. Your free subtitles will be applied to the next 5 qualifying listings in which you select the Subtitle listing upgrade.
  5. Noe, it's sad but this is really nothing new. eBay has been incredibly greedy and has swept this type of behavior under the rug for quite some time now. The environment that eBay has created for sellers is nothing less than disgusting and frustrating. IMHO, eBay is going to be no better than iOffer in the not so distant future. They are pushing legitimate sellers to the point of moving on to different venues to sell their items, IE Bonanzle.
  6. I completely agree, as usual :smile: I think ebay is SO greedy, it makes me sick! That message from the CEO of Ebay they recently posted to the main page made me sick. That CEO's picture makes me sick and I want to tell him what a greedy idiot he is.

  7. I have never even thought about this before. I almost always ask the seller if the item pictured is the EXACT item I'll be receiving. It's amazing how many answer with 'the one I'll send you is just like the one in the picture'. :weird: Needless to say I pass on those auctions!
  8. This is a sharp observation.

    Supposedly the eBay picture catalog can only be used for new items. If it is other than new, an original picture is required. Don't know how well or if this is policed, but.....:graucho:
  9. I need to start water marking my pictures after reading this thread. If you don't trust the seller, then tell him/her to take a picture of the item with their hand written ebay sn on it.
  10. Ebay doesn't police their catalogue at all. And if you look closely you'll see stolen photos that they lifted from a scammer's auctions, and lots of photos of counterfeit items that use pictures that first appeared on Ioffer.

    Ebay IS as bad as Ioffer now. And as long as they keep collecting fees, Ebay doesn't care if it's counterfeit, a rip off, a copy or a violation of the law.

    As for sellers, they barely tolerate them. Unless you're big time seller, Ebay doesn't care if you leave or not. You're not worth it to them.

    So Bonanza is growing a lot. Good.
  11. Hmm I reported so many times but all *bay told me was they couldn't do anything because what if the seller is using photos from the other seller they bought the item from. WTF? Sad.
  12. Are you referring to the Coach Lily listing? The seller "copied" the photos and had two listings going at one time.

    Seller w/original photos:

    Seller using "copied" photos (auction), but did add 2 additional photos:
    Also had BIN at same time:
  13. problems also is when sellers reuse their own photos (better looking bags) but send a different bag..(worser quality)!
  14. They may not be actively removing them but if you become enough of a thorn in their side, they will act on picture theft. (Description theft is a PITA to get removed and that's another story.)

    Report every 6-12 hours until it's removed.

  15. Omg! I almost bought this purse from molly123ed. I asked about this being her purse because I thought I saw these pictures on Bonanza with another seller.

    She not only replied that this was HER lily, but also asked if I could purchase OFF Ebay and send a direct wire payment for a discount.

    This seller is sending AAA fakes and does not have authentic goods from what I could make out in the emails.

    Fair warning to avoid this thief - and I notified Ebay about the offer to sell off Ebay for a non approved payment method and Ebay ignored the report.