ebay buyer warning message to sellers


May 20, 2007
Just saw this on ebay:


The body of the text is below, in case ebay remove the listing:
(Listing inserted by ebay seller ID 7030jo)

it seems my description for this listing has dissappeared so i will write it again...

i would like to tell you about my experience of a dishonest buyer from sweden..

i decide to sell one of my beloved mulberry bags to get so extra cash for my forthcoming wedding.. i buyer from sweden brought it and i posted it off.. afew days later when i logged on i find my accounts frozen and a claim set up against me from paypal.. the buyer was claiming my beloved bag was fake!! a phoned paypal but they were no help saying the buyer has 7 days to prove its fake ( this i feel is not good enough as they could take any bag matching desciption into a shop, or fake a letter heading from mulberry) paypal had already claimed the money back out of my bank account so i contacted the buyer..i explained i was so sorry and i would never knowingly sell a fake and i believed it genuine,i said i would refund all her money if she returned the bag, she was very nice!! saying she was sorry for leaving neg feedback without contacting me 1st and as soon as i refunded she would send bag back at her own expense!! so i did.. 7 weeks later still no bag, i am £ 245.00 lighter and no beloved bag.. i thought with all the fees e bay and paypal charged we would be covered but all e bay said was contact police, i am sure a handbag in sweden will interest them!! the buyer is sloffi123 and is still buying on e bay ( i have blocked her from my sales) please be aware as i have had many a sleepless night over this and i think e bay should protect its sellers better!! prehaps if we could leave neg. feedback as sellers we could warn others


I really don't know what to think anymore. I had an unpleasant ebay experience earlier this year with a buyer claiming a bag I had bought was fake. I think she was genuine and was misinformed by her local Mulberry store who claimed the bag didn't exist - they were of course wrong. Fortunately I won the dispute but doubt I would now as it seems easier for buyers so sellers have less protection.


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Jun 10, 2006
I feel so sorry to hear that minimouse, I just found from this buyer's feedback history and she has bought 10 Mulberry bags over the past 2 months!


May 20, 2007
Unfortunately the seller made one fatal mistake; she refunded the buyer BEFORE receiving the bag back. I so hate to hear experiences like this. Ebay is a minefield these days. I feel like giving Mulberrymad, 2.go.2 and Naughtipidgin a big hug for being such wonderful sellers and willing to ship to me overseas.

I still hope that perhaps the bag has been lost in the post, but surely the buyer would liaise with the seller and claim on insurance.
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Mar 28, 2009
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Just read this post and the name rang a bell. I have sold to sloffi123 and the transaction could not have been smoother. Also she is a member of TPF.
Mar 12, 2008
Well my symphathy is partly on the buyer, the bag looked like a fake, when I goofbayed it the cream emmy bag... :nono: BUT of course the buyer should have returned it to the seller as she got her money back...


May 1, 2006
United Kingdom
It really has put me off of shipping overseas to be honest, it seems you are more vulnerable if you ship out of the country somehow.
A real shame that its getting harder and harder to get a genuine buyer and seller combination!


Sep 20, 2008
That's a shame because it seems there is two sides to this story but the point of not refunding until bag has been received is very valid.

I've never had problems shipping overseas, most of my bags have gone to Scandinavia - smooth sailing with all.


Nov 25, 2007
But please, please girls, don´t make this stop you from shipping to Sweden! That would make me so miserable:sad:.


Jan 22, 2007
England, UK
It might not have been the seller who refunded the money, it might just have been paypal that did it automatically. My friend had a bad experience when she sold a dress on ebay as the buyer claimed the dress was misrepresented as having a fault that was worse than described. Paypal refunded the money automatically before the buyer had even returned the dress, and then it turned out the buyer wanted to keep the dress and had repaired the fault but my friend was out of pocket. She couldn't even leave negative feedback. Everything is in favour of the buyer these days and it's ridiculous.