Ebay buyer name & address different from paypal payment

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  1. Has anyone ever experienced this?

    An eBay buyer with a totally different registered name and address pays with a different name and address with paypal?

    Her first payment was unconfirmed so I immediately refunded her but now she confirmed it and re-submitted payment.

    Should I be suspicious?
  2. I would do a couple things. I would email her and ask why? Could be a friend or relative paid because she had an unconfirmed address. On the other hand, are the shipping addresses the same?? If they are,then it could be trouble.:nogood: I know some shady sellers have a few accounts. I am not sure you can have 2 Paypal accts. at the same time :s
  3. I have seen differences in addresses but not names. Its possible someone allowed a friend to borrow their eBay account to bid but when they went to pay they had to use their own Paypal account. Is the email address the same? Now that would be strange for someone to do unless they were needing a disguise (as when they are buying a gift and do not want wife/girlfriend to find out). Its also possible that their real eBay account is suspended (have a history of NPBs, etc) and are not allowed to use it, thus needing to borrow a friend's.

    In the end, if you are worried about shipping the item make sure that in the transaction details it states "seller protection eligible." You can also wait it out three business days before shipping and keep an eye out for any notices from Paypal about holding/stopping payment etc.
  4. It's possible! I used to use my ex-boyfriend's account for ebay transactions but paid with my own paypal account.
  5. Thanks. Thats good to know. ;)
  6. Yes, this definitely sounds weird but s/he might have a normal explanation, although s/he probably should've volunteered it before you became concerned.

    I just bought something off of eBay but they wanted a confirmed address. Because my account's statements always go to my aunt's house (too lazy to change it every time I move), my address is unconfirmed. So, I use my boyfriend's CC as his CC/address will show up confirmed. That said, I e-mailed my seller letting her know! Even if I have a bidder who's willing to ship to an unconfirmed address, I still let them know my story just for their ease of mind.

    I just read a description that said either a verified account on PP or a confirmed address. My PayPal account is confirmed though as I am a seller. Hmm.
  7. I just contacted Paypal and I was told that the transaction is safe because the paypal payment is confirmed but I'm still not sure about it. Paypal is not always the most reliable thing these days.

    Name, address & email is totally different on both accounts. I may email her to ask why but if she is a scammer then she would probably come up with some BS.

    Since she paid by echeck, is this safer over CC payment?

    Yes, I think I will hold it for a few days after clearing payment to see what happens.

    This may be totally innocent but then you never know these days.
  8. I am not an eBay seller but I am a buyer and my information is probably all mismatched. I registered with eBay some years ago when I lived somewhere else. Shipping there was secure but for some reason even the mailman had a hard time finding the apartment so I had a lot shipped to my parent's house. They moved and got a condo so then I had things shipped there. I then moved to my city house and not even my mail is safe here. For example, some guy told my fiance at the convenience store on the corner this morning that he had seen a man trying to get into my next door neighbor's mailbox and looking in ours. So, my billing address for some things is here and some I have going to my parents'. Now that I have heard about this guy this morning I will probably have all of my mail forwarded there. The problem with this is that they live about half an hour away so it is not always comvenient. My fiance's mom lives 5 minute away, is usually home, and if she is not there is a secure place to leave packages. So lately I have been having things shipped to her address from eBay and Amazon.

    Now with the names, I have been married and divorced. Some of my credit cards are in one name and some are in another. Some bank accounts are in one name and some are in another. It is a mess at this point but I am waiting until I get married to my fiance until I change it because the whole thing is a pain in the butt.

    While I would not necessarily believe the above if I was an eBay seller faced with your concerns, something like this can happen. I have a small but good eBay feedback, the only time I didn't pay was for a book (I think) about 5 years ago. My grandmother died during the auction process and I completely forgot about it.

    I also have had a few email accounts. Right now I have 2 that I use. They both get forwarded to my Blackberry so I am not sure anymore which emails come from which accounts and which email I use for eBay and which I use for PayPal.
  9. As long as you ship to the confirmed name and address on the PayPal payment everything should be fine. Remember the real buyer is the one that pays not the one listed on Ebay
  10. My brother and I have bought/paid for each others items - typically gifts for each other - so it's quite possible it's a relative. I'd verify through email if you want to be 100% sure.
  11. Sounds confusing. I would run a mile...