Ebay buyer lives in a country I don't ship to - what now?

  1. Hi,
    I just had an auction on eBay that ended and the winning bidder is from Taiwan. I marked on the auction that I only ship to the US or Canada. I am not willing to ship to Taiwan. What do I need to do? How do I contact eBay about this? I am hoping my eBay fees for this sale will be refunded. How can this even happen when my shipping info was clearly marked?

    Thank you in advance for any advice!!!!!
  2. did they pay yet? if so, refund their money and send a second chance offer explaining that the winning bidder is international
  3. Update - I spoke with Ebay and they advised me how to cancel the auction and request a credit for the fees. The Ebay rep also showed me how to block bidders from countries outside of my shipping area for future auctions. What a hassle though. :confused1:
  4. Maybe the person from Taiwan has a shipping address in the US/Canada? I'm currently based in Asia but lived in NY for many years and still have an address there. I would contact the buyer first before cancelling the auction
  5. I would only ship if it's a Paypal confirmed address, which I'm sure Taiwan is not. Kindly explain to the buyer that you clearly listed your terms in the auction and that you cannot send the bag to her. If it's worthwhile, offer the bag to the 2nd chance buyer. If that's not an option, then file a NPB. Make sure you read the steps carefully and choose the option that the buyer is not a confirmed address. If you explained it to your buyer, she'll receive the NPB notification and will hopefully "mutually agree" to not complete the transaction. You should be able to get your listings fees back that way.
  6. Thanks everyone. The buyer did mutually agree to end the transaction so I will be refunded the final value fees, but now I have to relist the item and go through another auction - ugh. The one positive outcome is that I learned how to change my preferences to not allow bidders outside of my shipping area from now on.