Ebay Buyer Is No Longer A Registered User...Help!

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  1. On September 16th I sold a Dooney & Bourke Wallet for $115.00. I shipped out the wallet the following morning using USPS Priority Mail with Insurance.

    Today I was looking at all the items I sold, and noticed that the buyer I sold the wallet to is No Longer A Registered User On Ebay.

    Should I Be Worried?

    Any feedback would be appreciated!
  2. Some people open eBay accounts, try it and then decide it's not for them and they close their accounts. Have you looked at their history? If they are no longer registered with eBay, I doubt they could cause you any trouble, nor could they open a case against you .....
  3. I just checked her history. She has only been a member of Ebay for a little over a month. She has sold three items (all are Dooney & Bourke) and has bid on 21 items total, 16 of which she won. Each item she won averages almost $80.00. The highest item she purchased was for $158.00. She seems like a great buyer and tends to pay for everything she bids on.

    Not sure why she is no longer a user. Maybe like you said, she decided ebay was not for her.

    Thanks for your input!:smile:

  4. I think they could open a case with paypal perhaps not ebay..

    But a buyer has a 45 day window (pp) & more to file a chargeback with their

    credit card..

    Did they leave you feedback??? If so, you probably don't have

    much to be concerned about...
  5. I just shipped out the item yesterday. She should receive the wallet tomorrow.

    No feedback received yet, but if they are no longer a user, can they still leave me feedback?
  6. If you have already been paid I wouldn't really worry about it.
  7. I don't think they can still leave you feedback... perhaps others can chime in about that

    but if something isn't right the buyer can file with PP not so sure about ebay

    if they are naru'd...but let's hope it all goes well...
  8. Is she a seller? Maybe she didn't pay her fees.
  9. She did sell three designer items.
  10. Maybe the items she sold were counterfeit or she defrauded her buyers someway so her account was closed. I don't think you have anything to worry about. She has less avenues open to her to dispute your transaction plus if she did anything shady as a buyer, she won't have much credibility with PP.
  11. I must add, as some members have mentioned, if you worry about a PayPal/credit card charge back by the buyer weeks from now (tho it seems unlikely unless they can prove they got it off eBay w no current eBay account.... keep the following information printed out and saved for at least for the next 90 days (I think this is the max for chargeback?) or so:

    printout of the eBay auction including pics
    printout of the PayPal details
    copy of your mailing receipt (if you did it thru PayPal, print from there)
    tracking information you obtain from USPS/UPS whatever service you use online.

    basically everything that leaves a paper trail that it was sent and delivered. Then fax or email all attachments to the cc/PayPal company when it comes up.

    This happened once with a Coach wristlet, I was so lucky to have had all the above on hand and the buyer lost the case - I even had the printout where they gave me a positive eBay rating, can you believe that!