Ebay Buyer having problems paying with paypal??? What should I do??

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  1. Hi I had listed one of my favorite purses for the first time on eBay and it was hard for me to let go but I really needed to sell it because I just had a baby and needed to buy a new stroller, anyways I paid $39 on listing fees and had quite a few interested buyers, well the person who won my bid has emailed me and said she is having problems with her paypal account and said she can't put money in her account. And she said if I can't wait for the money I can relist it and cancel her transaction, what should I do?? I really can't afford to relist it again and pay more fees??? Any suggestions??? I hate non paying bidders!! I'm trying to be reasonable but its just frustrating when you put so much time into listing and making sure you give as much reassurance that the bag is real then you have people bidding on it that don't pay on time. How much more time should I give this person??? Thank you for any replies.

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  2. tell her to get a M.O. sent tomorrow.
  3. I've never dealt with M.O. is there a certan type of M.O. she has to get because I'm in Canada and she is in the US and I'm not sure I can cash M.O. here in canada if they are from the US?? Does anyone know? Is it safe? Thank you so much for your reply Swanky Mama. Any other suggestions??
  4. I've had a few US buyers send me MO's here in Canada - usually because they can't be bothered to read my payment terms BEFORE bidding - and it is no problem. Just tell her to be sure it is an international money order.
  5. What is she asking you to wait for? Is she clearing up her account?

    I recently had a problem with paypal too. A buyer who never picked up her bag in U.K. from the PO was claiming that she hadn't received it and made a claim with paypal. In the meantime while she was playing her little game, I was in the negative in my account URGGG.
    Anyway, point is I was so mad at paypal, so I went to Bidpay. You might want to look into that. There is no fee, they only take a percentage like paypal, and the I don't think the buyer has to register. They just use a credit card. Maybe it would be worth your while to go that route if she doesn't want to do MO.
    Just a thought.
  6. Sorry to hear that about paypal but don't sellers have any protection by that sort of stuff, people claiming they haven't received an item when it was actually sent to them??? Well thank you for your suggestion about Bidpay, I will look into it. The buyer had told me she was having problems transfering money into her paypal so thats why it would take her awhile? But maybe I'm just thinking she's found another bag she liked better and is waiting for the bid to end?? I have no idea but its just kind of suspicious...
  7. I am curious why she is trying to transfer money 'into' her Paypal...on mine, I either pay from my bank account or from my credit card...I never transfer money into paypal...is she new to using Paypal? my brother-in-law had the same problem when he was trying to send me some money, he said he couldn't transfer money into paypal...I told him he didn't need to do that...just send the payment with his credit card as the source of funds...
  8. She stated she is new to paypal, plus she had 2 feedback which she bought other bags for $700 each and had positive feedback so I don't understand why she's having trouble either?? That's why I'm a little suspicious.... maybe I should just relist the item?? Will eBay reimburse me for my listing fees if the buyer does not pay??? And how long do I have to wait for it?? Thanks so much to everyone who's replied..I really love this forum =)
  9. Try really hard to pin her down as to where she is trying to transfer funds from- that is the strangest excuse. Tell her to use a credit card if the doesn't have the money in her bank account- I use both.
    But see if you can't get her to pay for it- good grief, she won it & if she decides she doesn't want it, then she can figure out a way to turn around & sell it herself.
    Stupid ebayer- what's the matter with her anyway?
    Sorry for your trouble.
  10. I have constant problems with paypal, despite it being linked to my checking account AND verified AND linked to two credit cards. It's always something. Most recently, they didn't like one of the sellers I had purchased from and suspended my direct transfer ability - I had to use something called an "echeck" which - turns out - is worse than a real check from a seller's point of view, and takes AGES to clear. Not to mention that Paypal, after processing this "echeck" said it would be TEN DAYS before the seller even got the check - and then we'd all have to wait for my bank to process it, like a real check. :yucky:

    This went on for several days. I added a credit card - but no, Paypal was still convinced (due to my buying from some seller that they now disliked - I still have no idea which one it was) - that my account might be hijacked and I wasn't myself, etc. I had to verify my account and my address again.

    So, I opened another paypal account with yet another credit card - and that went through. Meanwhile, I had to pay to put a stop on the echeck, etc.

    Before that, paypal has refused to process payments because the total sum was higher than anything I'd paid out before. That lasted two days.

    Recently, in addition, paypal has simply timed out on some transactions, informing me that I couldn't use my own checking account - and offering no way to pay as an alternative. I just wait an hour and try again.

    All of this is disconcerting to a person not familiar with paypal. I remember when they suddenly demanded verification - which I thought would be simple, but actually involved them adding tiny deposits to my checking account over a 5 day period - I had to keep going to the bank to get statements, as I didn't have online access at the time! :cursing: I was too dumb to read all the instructions and didn't realize there'd be three separate deposits in random amounts. The whole process took more than a week - and I had waited 2 days already to pay, so the seller was really p'o'ed, can't blame 'em.

    I tend to pay very promptly (I have 650 positive feedbacks as a buyer!) and that helps - but sometimes, paypal still sucks.
  11. Use BidPay..or moneygram/Western Union if both of you are comfortable.
    Also- for US to Canada MO, it has to be Pink- International. Also, if you do go the MO route, be sure to call the issuing bank when you receive it to verify that it is legitimately drawn.