Ebay: Buyer Exploiting SNAD/Buyer Protection for Return

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  1. I have a buyer who is misusing Ebay’s Buyer Protection program by filing a SNAD in order to obtain a return. I’d love your thoughts on how to move forward.

    In short, I sold a pair of workout crops that the buyer received on April 2. That day she messaged me requesting a return stating that the crops “do not fit” -> direct quote. I have a No Return Policy clearly stated in my auction description and auction terms, however out of a goodwill gesture to make the buying experience a positive one I chose to accept the return plus 12% restocking fee. She argued back and forth about the restocking fee and decided to keep the crops. This last Friday on April 18, 2.5 weeks after receiving the crops she messaged me wanting to initiate a return. I was away for Easter and responded on Monday reminding her that the 12% restocking fee applied if she wished to proceed.

    She then opened a SNAD claim stating that she thought the crops were “Counterfeit,” and that she “REFUSED” to pay the restocking fee for the return. Lucky for me I still have the original product tag and receipt so I knew I could fight any claim of counterfeit. Furthermore, it was clear this is not a case of SNAD, but instead buyer’s remorse since the crops did not fit per her original quote in the Ebay message system.

    At this point I could see she was trying to force me into a full return now multiple weeks after receiving the crops. Her backstory is that she is a Top Rated seller who clearly knows the system and how to get her way through threatening messages and leaving negative feedback for both buyers and sellers when she feels "wronged" in any way. I checked her feedback report on toolhaus and it was colorful to say the least. The really ironic thing is that she requires returns within 2 weeks as a seller, however is demanding a return from me outside of her own return policy window from me.

    I called Ebay the day the case was filed and told them I no longer felt comfortable with accepting the return since it had been multiple weeks since the item was received and I was unsure of their condition. I also mentioned that it was evident that she is misusing the SNAD claim as means to force me into a full return, thus violating Ebay’s Buyer Protection Program. The CS rep told me it was within my seller rights to deny the return and encouraged I challenge her claim since I have proof of purchase. The rep agreed with my assessment regarding her violating Ebay’s buyer protection program and encouraged me to report the buyer for the violation.

    I responded to the case last night stating I could not accept the return and that the SNAD case was a filed due to buyer’s remorse which is not covered under Ebay’s Buyer Protection. After I denied the return she responded with a tracking number stating she was shipping the crops back to me. Just lovely, right?

    I called Ebay this morning and a new CS rep gave me a different story stating since I offered the return initially I could not rescind the offer in the SNAD case. I asked about the full return requested by the buyer and he told me since the SNAD case was opened that I must refund her the full amount without collecting the restocking fee. I told him that completely contradicted what I was told by the previous CS rep and asked that her SNAD be made invalid since it was submitted under false accusations with her knowingly using the word “counterfeit” to unjustly gain grounds for a case.

    Any ideas how to proceed from here? Should I call Ebay back in the hopes I speak with someone more reasonable and able to understand what is clearing going on here? The case will be escalated to Ebay for review on April 26. I find it incredibly crazy that using this example buyers are allowed and even rewarded for exploiting Ebay's Buyer Protection Program by filing unfounded SNAD cases.
  2. Can we please have this person's ID to block? TIA!
  3. Agree here.

    OP, I think the second CS rep is right. Once you offer a return you can't rescind that offer. Also, if you don't offer returns in your listing you can't add a restocking fee after the fact. The only way you could support that was if you offered returns with a re-stocking fee listed in the terms.

    You're probably stuck refunding her in full provided the pants are in the same condition in which they were sent. If they've been worn or damaged or whatever then you have to call eBay back and let them know.
  4. This is exactly what I meant in the other thread... PayPal or eBay protection means basically nothing. It's sad how any hoops you have to jump through when someone wants to scam you.
  5. Thanks for your insight, all. Ugh, very frustrating on many levels. She gets away with threatening me with the word "counterfeit" and misusing Ebay's buyer protection program since the return is because she doesn't know her correct size in the workout clothing brand I regularly sell. I'm tempted to let the case escalate to Ebay, but if I lose this will only add fuel to her already crazy person fire.

    I'm in a hard place because if I refund her willingly, I'm confident she'll hit me with a neg. My fb score is 100% and that's after many years of selling and doing my best to make my buyers happy whenever possible. The sense of entitlement in this buyer is especially disturbing and the fact that Ebay is rewarding her in this situation for misusing their own Buyer Protection policies makes me :mad:
  6. Oh and PM me and I'll happily share her username. Since is the case is active I'd prefer to keep it on the DL for now.
  7. I'm thinking.... take the return. Then when you have the item back in hand, issue the refund minus the 12% restocking fee. Although this has never happened to me, I think it may be pretty hard for a buyer who has gotten a partial refund to force a full refund. I can't imagine what their next step would be. But basically, you put the ball in their court and make them return the item, then issue whatever refund you want and if the item has been used significantly by the buyer over the last few weeks you can complain to Ebay that It was not returned in sale condition.
  8. Ring ebay again! Explain the whole thing again. 3rd time lucky and block that buyer. If she threatens u with a neg you can report her and she cannot leave 1. Good luck!
  9. I'll consider that, caannie. I refund her according to the original return offer terms that includes the restocking fee. The only caveat to that is she is requesting a full refund in the SNAD case though so eBay will require that if I lose the case. In all, if I approve the return now I'm hoping this will help to make a case for disputing any negative fb.

    Her SNAD case is based on the word "counterfeit" which I challenged with the product tag and receipt for the crops. She also clearly states that the crops didn't fit, a clause not covered by buyer protection. My hope is that if let the case escalate to Ebay they will throw it out based on these details.

    mimott, I'm going to call Ebay again either today or tomorrow to talk it out. I'm getting two completely different answers from their CS reps which is unacceptable. I rescinded the return authorization based on the first CS rep's advice only to be told that that's not allowed.
  10. I would not recommend to refund minus restocking fee at this point. The buyer will just escalate the case and you will lose based on the fact that he item was returned. In that case, you will lose your final value fees and it will count against you as an unresolved case and that is not good for your ebay account.
  11. Thanks for weighing in, love4mom. I'll nix that plan for sure. So it appears my only course of action now is to call Ebay back to explain the case and clarify the runaround I've received from their CS team. Depending on what happens with that, do you recommend letting the case escalate to Ebay or laying down and issuing the a return?
  12. I would not believe anything ebay reps tell you. You will give a different answer every time and you will never be able hold them accountable for what they told you or will tell you.
    I would not recommend getting the case escalated. It will be worse for your account that way and not only you will be refunding in full,but will lose the final value fees.
    I think you should just wait for the return, inspect it upon receipt and refund in full. She may still neg you and depending on what she says, you may or may not be able getting it removed.
    I am sorry you encountered a person like that. We all have had a share of those. You just have to hope. that Karma will get her in the end.
  13. Appreciate your thoughts as an experienced seller. Good to know that Ebay does not hold their own reps accountable. Wow, just wow on that one. I'll keep that in mind moving forward.

    The item should arrive by tomorrow. I'll inspect it and make my decision based on the condition it arrives in.

    And yes, I hope Karma finds her sooner than later especially since it's clear she has a record of shady behavior like this.
  14. After dealing with a difficult return myself as a seller there are a few things I've learned.

    1. There's zero point on having a no return policy. Ebays return policy will always trump yours. In fact when a seller has a no return policy, scummy buyers are more apt to damage the item thus claiming SNAID. By allowing returns you can avoid this, since ebay will 99% of the time make you accept a return.

    2. When calling suppose always call during the week. This way you can speak with a rep based in Utah as opposed to out of the country. Make sure when you call, you confirm that they are in fact in Utah.

    3. Document everything. The person you spoke with, the date and time, and what they said. Try when possible to always speak with the same person. If your issue is not resolved the first time, call back and ask for a supervisor, don't be afraid of being a pain in the you know what.

    4. Investigate, investigate. Check the buyers feedback, not only the feedback left as a buyer but also as a seller, and feedback they left for others. See what if anything the buyer is selling. Google their user name and full name see if you find any issues. Document and take a screen shot of any Ebay violations they are guilty of. Report them all to Ebay.

    5. Keep calm, collect, organized, and thorough when speaking with Ebay. As long as you have good feedback history and buy on Ebay as well, mention that you are not just a seller but a buyer as well. Make it understood that if you are in the right, and Ebay doesn't find in your favor then they are risking losing a buyer as well.

    If you had not chosen return for refund then you most likely would of won as "does not fit" is not an acceptable reason for a return and Ebay would of seen that from the messages. However since you did choose that, there is no point on trying to do otherwise now. If Ebay is forced to make a decision in this case, not only do you risk having a strike against you, but also there's a chance the buyer will get a refund and still be able to keep the pants.
  15. Wanted to add, when you get the pants back, as long as the buyer used tracking, you will have 3 days to refund. If you choose not to refund in those 3 days and Ebay does it, then that will count against you. Even if you get back a pair of destroyed pants, make sure you contact Ebay and speak to a supervisor if there's an issue before the 3 days are up.