eBay Buyer Damaged My Bag...

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  1. A problematic ebay buyer damaged a mint condition LV tote I sold to her. It's a buyer that I had blocked previously because she leaves negative feedback 88% of the time. Well, she slipped under the radar, opened a new account, and won the auction. I've spent almost 7 hours on the telephone, on five separate occasions, reporting this situation to ebay. Their Fraud Dept has yet to follow-thru...

    As soon as she rec'd the item, she wasn't "happy". I said, "no problem return the bag". When the buyer determined the cost of return shipping ($25) and the original "free" shipping costs ($25) would be deducted from her final refund amount, the bag all of a sudden was damaged/not as described. Never mind the fact that I included over 45 photos and very descriptive exterior and interior bullet points.

    I am sick to death...
  2. If she doesn't return it in the condition you sent it to her in, you are then covered by seller protection. You have your pictures and you need to take pictures of any damage she has caused. Contact ebay immediately if she has damaged your item and do not refund her until you talk to them.
  3. I am soooooo sorry to hear you are going through this. I feel for you, since I always have this fear on the rare occasions that I list my items on eBay.

  4. Just playing devil's advocate here, but couldn't the buyer claim that OP sent a bag that was not representative of the pictures that were taken? Then will she still be covered under seller's protection?
  5. Have you got the bag back yet? How do you know it has been damaged? Have you received photos? She could just be telling ebay that in order to secure a refund as ebay tends to side with buyers over sellers. You may well get the bag back in the exact condition you sent it out in - you won't know until you see evidence of some form or another.

    You would be better off, I think, asking a Moderator to move this over to the ebay forum for you.
  6. I'm so sorry that happened! Similar situation happened to me where the buyer returned my bag damaged (water spots all over as if it got rained on). I'm sure she used the bag a few days before returning it as I found a receipt in the pocket. Anyway, eBay people were no help and I had to give a full refund. I haven't sold anything on eBay since.
  7. OMG that is like my worst nightmare, so sorry you had to deal with this
  8. Just another thought - at what point did you realise it was the same buyer?

    If you realised before shipping then you could have contacted ebay to have the transaction cancelled as she had circumvented your bidding by creating another account to bid with when she was blocked.

    Obviously if you didn't realise until after she contacted you to complain it's too late but you should still raise this with ebay.
  9. I'm so sorry to hear this! So unfortunate. I certainly hope that you get it all worked out to your satisfaction. This happened to my DH a few years ago when selling something (not and LV). Upon receipt the buyer claimed that the item was damaged and not as described. Thankfully, we had all the photos and the description and ebay sided with him that the item was as described and he was not required to refund. I hope it works out for you!
  10. It doesn't matter at what point you realized that the buyer was blocked. Report her for circumventing your BBL by opening a new account.


    The pertinent part of the policy:

    Not allowed
    You can't buy with the intent to disrupt a listing.
    Here are some examples:

    • You can't place a bid that greatly exceeds the value of the item in order to prevent a sale without intending to buy that item.
    • You can't bid on multiple items listed by a seller unless you intend to buy all of the items.
    • You can't try to buy or bid on an item if you're on a seller's blocked bidder or buyer list.
    • You can't use another account to buy or bid on an item if you're on a seller's blocked bidder or buyer list.
  11. No, you're quite right policy is policy and the buyer was blocked. They breached policy by circumventing that block.

    That wasn't really my point though. I was trying to explain that if the seller realised prior to posting then they could have had the transaction cancelled and avoided these issues.

    BB - what stance are ebay likely to take now do you think in your experience, given the regular favouring of buyers in SNAD disputes? Will the buyer having breached the seller's block mean the seller is now more likely to win the dispute? Or will ebay deem it irrelevant to the SNAD dispute and view it as 2 separate issues?
  12. The OP might have to make several calls to get someone with 1/2 a brain to understand their own policy.

    It's also a good idea to have a link to the unwelcome bidding policy and the actual text of the policy to read to them so they can have it spelled out to them why the buyer was in violation of the policy.

  13. This! OP, best of luck - hopefully this will do the trick.
  14. Did she send you photos of the "damage". Surely she is claiming damage/not as described so she can get her original shipping back. Hopefully the "damage" doesn't exist.
  15. Yes.

    If a buyer opens a snad you cannot open a snad yourself when you get back said item. They will tell you that it was indeed a snad claim so you as a seller cannot argue a return snad since it already was one.