eBay buyer claim my real bag is fake and reported me!!! Help!!! :(

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  1. OMG I'm so mad and frustrated now!!!!!! I sold my Neverfull GM Damier on eBay last week. Up until yesterday I still hadn't receive any feedback from her. So I sent her a message asking "Did you receive the bag?", then she replied me sayin this:
    Message#1: "Yes I did and I am very disappointed..I paid $678
    for what I thought was an authentic bag. I took
    one look at it and knew that it wasnt. So just to
    confirm, I tool it to the Louis button store in
    Nashville. I don't want an expensive knock off. I
    would like to return the bag for a full refund and
    forget all about this frustrating experience."

    OMGGGG I was sooooo mad!!!! I bought it just 6 months ago at Louis Vuitton store at Cherry Creek mall, Denver, Colorado. I still have the receipt. I know my bag is a real one! But she tried to claim it's a fake!
    This is her second message:

    Message#2: "I am not trying to deframe your reputation as a
    seller.. I simply want to return the bag and receive
    a refund. I am a physician.. I know quality when I
    see it..this is not it..your s sight did not say 'no
    refunds' so if I am unsatisfied I am entitled to a

    I was super angry and said that I'll report her to the police, after I said that, she reported me to eBay! So eBay sent me a message saying that I should try to work things out with her. But I'm not gonna do that with a person like her so I just reported her back and open a case!

    OMG! I'm gonna go to the police department and report her tomorrow for sure!

    Soooooooooo sadddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!! :sad:(
  2. Wow, I'm sorry you are dealing with this issue. I hope it gets resolved asap. GL
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    Honestly, having dealt with a similar situation myself, you may want to consider letting her return the bag. It is so frustrating dealing with some buyers--you may want to consider selling your bag through a consignment store such as Yoogi's Closet. Yes, you will have to pay a 30% fee, but you will save yourself so much aggravation. I am so sorry this happened to you...this is just my opinion but I hate to see anyone go through this:smile:
  4. So sorry this happened.
    Just curious, how will you know she returned the exact bag you sold her? Did you post a pic of the datecode of the NF?
  5. eBay and PayPal are pretty good to work with, especially if you have documentation that the bag is authentic. you could even offer to have something authenticated by caroldiva.com if need be to get eBay on your side. it might seem that they are anti-sellers, but it sounds like that person is just trying to run a scam on you so they get something for free. i've heard of people that sell fakes just "letting it go" to not draw any more attention to themselves or whatnot. good luck!
  6. Wow. I hate dishonest buyers. I'm thinking she might want to return a knockoff and keep your authentic bag for herself. It disgusts me that these people try to get away with it, and unfortunately, eBay and Paypal love to side with the buyer. Disgusting! Hope she actually returns YOUR bag OP. I'm sorry this is happening.

    I think this might belong in the eBay thread, however.

  7. Very possible...did you take detailed pictures for your ebay auction that would show the date code, etc? Also, did the buyer have any negative feedback regarding this in the past? This may help you in a PayPal dispute. I am assuming you didn't have it authenticated being that you purchased it from LV directly?

    Normally, if she cannot prove it is fake, PayPal will require her to return the bag. I am not sure how it would turn out if you filed with PayPal that she sent you a counterfit (if this is what she does)...so sorry this happened to you:sad:
  8. I hate when buyers do this on ebay. She probably had buyers remorse or may try to return a fake bag to you....be careful!!!!Have you bag authenticated by Carol Diva so you have proof . Since you also have the receipt you can get ebay on your side and hopefully win this case. Good luck, let us know how it goes.
  9. I hate buyers like this. It sounds like she has buyer's remorse and is just looking for an excuse to return it. The line about her being a physician is just too funny and overkill on her part.

    I agree with the other poster that it will likely be the easiest if you just accepted a return. I would make her pay for the shipping to and from and all Ebay listing fees. Ebay will return the final value fee but wont refund the listing fee. $50 should cover it all.
  10. I'm curious as to what you would say to the police? Her attempting to return the bag (for whatever reason) is hardly a criminal matter. What exactly do you think they will do?
  11. I don't know about everyone else, but if the above messsages were a cut and paste, then I am concerned that the Buyer maybe trying to pull a scam.

    Buyer claims to be a physician, but in my experience, her sentence structure, typos and mispelled words send a HUGE red flag. Someone with that level of an education should know the difference between defame/deframe, site/sight etc.....

    I doubt that she is a physician and is using this to intimidate the Seller. Further, as someone already had mentioned, will Buyer return the same bag or will they try to send a fake, claiming that is what they received?

    I hope Seller took plenty of photos to safeguard herself from a potential scam. GL OP - please keep us posted.
  12. why not refer her to the Authenticate This LV area and post your photos?
  13. ^^^DO you have a link to the auction?
  14. HI, I just filed a claim on complaint.IC3.gov. I told them that this is a harassing behavior because the buyer claim my real bag is fake. It just hurts me so much! :sad: But then she dared to report me to eBay! I don't understand why she could think about this plan??!!

    Also, did you guys see what she wrote "I tool it to a Louis button store"! OMG I guess that Louis "button" store don't know how to check if a bag is authentic or not! (Because it's a "button" store!! ) *__*
  15. I have a lot of closed up photos. I also keep the original receipt. But the pictures of the date code are kinda blurry.
    I attach the picture here