ebay buyer accusing and false allegations

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  1. so I send this ebay buyer a product well packed, with DC and insurance. She got it and said she needs a refund as I have sent the wrong item!:confused1:

    She also went ahead and said I have listed that wrong item on my list, when clearly I have not listed anything like that.
    she even reported ebay that item not as described...

    what do I do with this dishonest buyer??
  2. Do an Advanced Search and see what all else she has been buying. Maybe she has been on a bit of a spree and got you mixed up with another seller? :hrmm:
    Unless you think she is planning a bait and switch? :shocked:
  3. I guess there's really not too much you can do except to accept a refund. I would let her return it and once you get it back then issue the refund. Make sure you get it back in the condition you sent it. Sorry you have to deal with this. Be sure to block them from your other auctions too! Good luck, I hope this gets settled quickly for you.

  4. Start there and see how the buyer responds to you...
  5. so the buyer admitted that she got confused and said sorry... after giving me 2 days of sleepless night!!!!

  6. fortunately she recognized her mistake... hope she leaves you glowing feedback:smile: