Ebay Burberry Purchase - Real or Not

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  1. I purchased a Burberry handbag on Ebay - my first purchase on Ebay and of a Burberry product. I am seriously questioning this handbag. I checked out the seller, all good reviews. After I won the auction, I sent payment. The next day I received a notice from Ebay that the acution item was pulled and I was not responsible for payment. Too Late! So I contacted the seller and they said they sent the bag and I would receive it on Thursday. The bag arrived yesterday. Here are the issues I have addressed with the seller:

    The metal Burberry tag on the side has "bubble" like markings, the inside lining is extremely thin and appears to have glue markings around the zipper area. The Burberry check doesn't line up on the bottom of the bag and there is a black spot on the opposite (non tag) side that appears to be ink.

    There is also a "Made in China" tag on the inside. Any thoughts would be most appreciated.
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  3. Can you please post pics in the Authenticate This Burberry thread?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.