Ebay bummer!

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  1. I paid for an item on ebay using my debit card by mistake. I used the dropdown menu in paypal to choose the card and chose the wrong card. The transaction went through and the amount did not show up on my credit card. I wondered about it and thought it would get applied to my account in a day or so. The I went on to check my bank account and was horrified to see the 5XX $ amount debited from my bank account. Worse I did not have sufficient funds to cover that transaction. So I contacted the seller, they were really nice and we arranged for me to pay again with my CC. This worked out and they refunded my first transaction. The money went back into my bank account and I was charged an insufficient funds fee:sad: So I was ok with that and transffered some money from my paypal to my bank to keep a buffer there. Today I checked my bank account and again the same amount I had paid on ebay was taken out of my account !!!! AGAIN! Why? My money was refunded and the transaction was voided.. so confused!!
  2. did you change the funds options box to your CC when you paid again ?
  3. Yeah I did , The money has been taken out of my CC already. So this is an additional 5XX out of my debit card.
  4. so, you paid once from the wrong card, had this refunded, then paid again from your CC but it came out of your debit account as well as your CC ?
    sorry if i'm being thick, just want to be clear.
  5. Yeah, that is what happened. I paid with my CC and thats all cleared, Now my debit card has been charged for the same amount, and on paypal there is no record of any of this. It says refunded for the previos transaction and completed for the second transaction thats all.
  6. I mean I have been charged for the amount on my credit as well as debit card,
  7. strange, i would give paypal a call
  8. ^I would also call the bank that issues your debit card. You can always file an unauthorized charge with the bank (I think that's what it's called) and they'll immediately give you a credit for the debited amount while they investigate.
  9. LooKZ like a PayFoe sKrew up to me. Make the call.
  10. Plus, since it was a mistake the first time your account was charged, they will reverse the overdraft fee. You just have to call and explain what happened.
  11. Ok I am gonna talk to them>>> Really annoying to see my account balance sit in a negative..