Ebay Bucks thread

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  1. #1 May 8, 2016
    Last edited: May 8, 2016
    I'm starting an Ebay bucks thread where people can report targeted 3x, 4x offers going on and also predict when the next one will be.

    It will be interesting information collecting and also can potentially help strategize or time large purchases (although some may not be helped esp for auctions with set end times).

    Granted not everyone will be eligible for certain targeted promotions but those who are should get the same promos.

    Ebay bucks is Ebay's own "cash back" program. For more info on ebay bucks program click here
  2. I predict the next targeted 4x offer will be 5/9.
  3. I get lots of offers in one account and none in my other.

  4. I was just reading the terms and conditions, and that may be because ebay only allows each person one participating account in ebay bucks, regardless of how many ebay accounts that person has.

  5. Correction - I think it will be a 4x offer on May 9th or the 10th (for those who receive targeted offers)

  6. Roku do those 4x offers last longer than just the day or will it be for just the 9th or 10th? I have several big auctions I'm waiting to win. I've never taken advantage of any of the offers so I'm not sure if the fine print.
  7. Usually it is just for a day or two. It will say in the offer.
  8. Will they have more 8x and 16x offers too? Those ones were really nice last time they came out :smile:
  9. #9 May 9, 2016
    Last edited: May 9, 2016
    yes the last 8x offer was on 3/23 and it was for 3 days

  10. #10 May 9, 2016
    Last edited: May 9, 2016
    It depends on the bonus bucks promo, but usually the promo ends the following day by midnight PDT.
    Re: your auctions, you will only be eligible if you win the auction (auction ends) during the promo duration and you pay with PayPal. For example, you can't win the auction before the promo starts and then wait to pay during the promo - it would not qualify. Both the Ebay sale and the PayPal payment needs to happen during that promo window.

    Also, of course you have to be targeted to join the offer, but even if you are sent a message inviting you to join the promo, you have to actually click the Activate button to be eligible for the bonus bucks. If you don't click the Activate then you just earn the normal rate

    To learn more about Ebay Bucks, click on the link in post #1
  11. Is the account you get lots of offers your main selling account? I stopped getting those 3x 4x multiplier offers but get the $ off ones.
  12. I think Ebay sends these out randomly, but usually target people who have purchased a certain amount the previous quarter and earned Bucks
  13. Ah, thank you. When I was selling I was getting those multiplier offers every other week (or so it seemed) and now I haven't sold anything in a while I stopped getting them. Now I have mostly been buying. But it does seem random. Thanks!
  14. Thank you for starting this. I used to get a lot of these but now I don't. Maybe if I stop buying or selling for awhile they will start up again to lure me back in.
  15. I get the offers in my buying account. I used to buy in both accounts, before they had the rule that you would forfeit your bucks if you didn't earn $5. I stopped buying in one account in order to make sure I would reach the limit. The reason I opened the second account in the first place was to keep my buying and selling separate. I think I'm still enrolled in my other account though. I originally set up one in my husband's name and one in mine, but now they are both in mine.