Ebay Bucks Reward Program??

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  1. Was anyone part of the ebay bucks program that ended August 14? Has anyone gotten their code to use them? I can't even find a working link about it now -- was this just another BS thing from ebay?
  2. Now that you mention it, I was part of the program. I just went to click on the link (where it says I've earned $18 as of 8/15) and the link doesn't work. Hmmmm.....
  3. I was. You get the code on August 22nd.
  4. Ok, thanks! I wonder why none of the links are working??
  5. Hmm, I just remembered to check this. The link is working for me, but I wish I had checked it earlier. It says the vouchers are in $25 increments, and I have $36.83 in earnings. It looks like I just have 1 voucher and the remainder is forfeit? I don't think you can make changes to your voucher selection after 12 p.m. 17 August?
  6. How did this work and do they send you something or did you sign up???? Please explain?

  7. I got an email from ebay offering the program through my ebay buying ID.
  8. You have until Midnight today to chose denominations, other wise you will get one voucher for the total amount. You won't forfeit anything unless your purchase is < your earnings.

    The smallest they come is in $25 increments, so you are good to go.:jammin:
  9. You will get the code from eBay before Aug 22nd. :yes:

    I have $190!! Whoo hoo!!!
  10. You've been busy, also! :okay: I have $108 & plotting as we speak!
  11. They sent me the invitation, then the link wouldn't let me sign up. I contacted them twice, I even got another email about it and they said I was eligible, but was never able to access anything. Not a very good program for me!
  12. Am I the only one who hasn't gotten a code yet?????
  13. ^^Are you talking about for your rewards? The emails weren't being sent until the 22nd. I just checked mine and it's in my email inbox. :yahoo:Now how to spend my $154?? :P
  14. wow, lol. I spent my big ole $11 today.

    Wonder when we start earning again.
  15. I got my code and redeemed it already with no problem.