ebay blues!!!

  1. I have a question about ebay. If a person sells you a purse as BRAND NEW and when she sends it is obviously used...what can you do? I'm not talking about my ink twiggy btw. It is fab.

    I sent her a letter with my dissappointment and got a reply that she was offended by my accusing her of lying..blah blah which I didn't directly accuse her of anything. I just want my money back because the auction was false.

    Ps I did pay with paypal
  2. Take looooots of pictures and file a dispute. Give the seller a chance to refund your money before getting Paypal involved (like, one chance.) Luckily, I think you're on the better side of this as the buyer (I was the seller in a similar situation-- but my buyer was a total loon with buyer's remorse :rolleyes:). Definitely proceed with Paypal filing if she won't budge and the auction stated "New." I think it gets more murky once you start getting into "gently used" descriptions... that's a little more subjective. I am so sorry that happened! People really try and take advantage sometimes on Ebay. :sad:
  3. Best of luck! The whole "item not as described" is difficult to prove. You usually have to have some sort of written proof from someone on a letterhead to prove it isn't as it was listed.
  4. Paypal notoriously favour the buyer...go for it, it may provoke her into refunding you herself. You have nothing to lose.
  5. except for extra money that shouldn't have been spent on a used bag advertised as new
  6. I bought my daughter a ticket to see Justin Timberlake on ebay, it was an eticket, which are the ones you print at home when you buy it from ticketmaster. (I dont usally buy etickets, I prefer the hard ones). Well low and behold, the ticket wouldnt scan and she didnt get into the show. (Lucklly she had a ticket for the next night at another venue). I filed a claim and PayPal (ebay wouldnt have anything to do with it) wanted written letters from the venue and ticketmaster. I went to the House of Blues and they wouldnt give me anything since it was a ticketmaster ticket and tickemaster wouldnt because it was purchased on ebay. It took PayPal 29 days to request this stuff from me. Meanwhile ebay suspended the seller because of it. The seller finally told me she purchased the ticket from ANOTHER seller (her feedback verified it) and she filed a claim with him and he refunded her and she finally refunded me herself. Then I canceled the claim. PayPal and ebay were NO help at all....the 2 other claims I filed over a year ago, I won. If the seller is willing to fix it off ebay I would prefer to do that. I think most decent seller would do what ever it took to make the buyer happy, myself included. Good Luck though, keep us posted!
  7. Thanks for everyones responses. I just filed a dispute with paypal after receiving a couple of notes from her stating she WILL NOT refund, and that the bag is brand new. It is an authentic bag, but the tag is torn on the inside and the outside has spots on it and the handles show considerable wear and tear. She said if I have buyers remorse I should just resell it on ebay. I told her I would not feel right trying to outwit another unsuspecting buyer. So hopefully the dispute with solve my problem.
  8. Good luck, let us know what happens next!
  9. Good luck impasto, I hope everything works out!
  10. good luck, i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.
  11. gosh, i'm so sorry impasto, i had a similiar thing happen to me :sad:...the seller wore the bag tons but kept the sales tag on inside, so she could claim it was brand new...i got it for 1/2 off retail, so i kept it, but i definitely felt like i was taken for a ride...best of luck with your paypal dispute :girlsigh:
  12. All the best, Impasto. Good for you! This is all too common on Ebay and I'm glad you started this thread. I hope this sends a clear message to sellers here and on Ebay.:busted
  13. good luck!
  14. good luck, impasto!