ebay birkins

  1. Hello, it,s the first time I will ask the Hermes lovers their opinion about the current listings on birkins on eBay.com.
    At the moment there are some intresting Birkins for sale with a price too good to believe, but anyway if they have a receipt and all seems ok and they passed the eBay judge, what do you Hermes friends think?I have 2 Birkins but bought them at Hermes.
    Do you think I should give it go or ,am I just stupid to think I have a bargain?
    Please let me Know, greetings to all of you elske 1952
  2. Elske - look at the Hermes Shopping threads for a listing of reputable eBay/internet sellers. I have purchased on ebay with success but a bit of research is worthwhile not to get a FAKE Hermes.
  3. There are alot of fakes on ebay. Those that are auth. are usually from resellers usually has a markup to the pricings. There are some that are pretty good pricing for pre-loved birkins. Having said that, there is nothing wrong buying frm resellers (JMO) sometimes, the configuration you want might not be available at the store and ebay meets the needs? But research research and research, very important, there are some ebay scammers out there too. gluck!
  4. A receipt is easy to counterfeit, so it is best to double-check with us. Unfortunately on ebay MOST of the Birkins WITH receipts and the whold shebang are fake.