Ebay Bidding!!!

  1. I'm bidding on a wallet in eBay and i love it and i want it soo bad!!!

    How have you guys been successful in your eBay bidding???

    Please let me know!
  2. Hi,
    Yes i have bid on eBay items & been successful. It is a difficult one really I suppose the secret is to be there at the end of the auction to make sure that you are not outbid at the last minute as many bidders now wait until then. However, I would warn you that it is easy to get carried away then in the bidding war & end up paying more than you want to or can afford to. I would suggest putting your very highest offer on the item, then ebay will bid up on your behalf. Say the item is sitting at 50 & you will pay 100 then if you put 100 on ebay will only bid higher if someone bids against you if noone bids you will get it for 50, am I being clear? :smile:
    You could also use auctionsniper, they come in at the last minute with your highest bid but no guarantees that someone won't have outbid you by then.
    Good luck & I hope you win your item
  3. Thank you so much! But i emailed th ebay person and asked if i could get a BIN price and she's gonna give it to me!! :yahoo: YAY!

    Man but that means i gotta sell that other wallet i JUST bought at the outlets... heheh I didnt like it that much but i wanted to sell it... i guess i will..........
  4. congrats then! which wallet were you looking at?
  5. Why not keep both wallets? I have several and rotate them out! :graucho:
  6. MAYBE I will keep both... lol

    Its this one... Its real right? OMG i think it is...

    What do you think??!
    dsp_storetony_049.jpg dsp_storetony_050.jpg dsp_storetony_051.jpg
  7. It never hurts to ask questions either. I asked someone if I could pay them a few days later but go ahead and hit Buy It Now and they said ok. That meant I got it at the price they wanted me to pay, but because it was a rare item, I didn't mind. Plus, I had been beaten out of the same bag a couple of times this week, so I didn't want to take the chance. Hope that helps.

  8. I live in Alaska (husband is military) and we have no Coach stores or outlets or anyone who sells Coach.

    So, I have to get all my Coach on Ebay, or spend tons in shipping from Coach.com. And really it is cheaper to go the Ebay route, then Coach directly :graucho:

    I have gotten AWESOME deals on Coach stuff. All authentic. All new with tags! In fact, Im very addicted to it. I swear, every day, Im checking for new stuff....new deals!
  9. i know you question is about ebay bidding but please take caution of the abundance of fakes on ebay.
  10. Well do the pics I posted look fake?