Ebay-belt dilemma

  1. Hello all,

    I am currently pondering whether or not I should buy this Damier canvasbelt.

    There are quite a few problems concerning it: first of all, the belt is 5 inches too long. I own a Mono canvas belt (in the very same style) that I bought at the boutique, and they gave me a 34 inch belt, this however is 39 inches long. Does LV make additional holes? And if yes, are they evenly placed and well cut out? But considering 5 inches of length difference, is it even practical to make so many new holes? My weight and waist size constantly fluctuate (28-29), so I need two holes I can use, not just one.

    Second, the buckle is very damaged. I kindly requested additional pictures, but maybe it's better to have the buckle exchanged. This particular style of belt is rather old in Vuitton terms (2 years), and I am not sure that Lv still has some buckles lying around. And even if they have, does anyone know how much it would cost to have the buckle replaced?

    Third the price: I think for a belt that is too long, needs additional holes, with scratched vachetta interior and a buckle that def. needs to be replaced, the price of 125 Pounds is too much. Do you agree?
  2. Forgot to add: thanks in advance for you input!
  3. Sometimes if there's too many things - like possible repairs, then if it was me, I wouldn't buy it. And I guess I would rather buy something that I wouldn't have to resize or replace. But this is just my opinion. I'm not an expert at all. Good luck on deciding if you want to get this belt.
  4. The thing is, I like this particular belt style a lot, much more than the current LV cut style.
  5. I think sometimes when you have to question it, then that's a good enough reason to walk away from it. If it keeps gnawing at you, then go and take the plunge. IMO, there are too many issues (too long, need to have additional holes made, the buckle needs to be replaced, etc) so I would let it go and be on the lookout for another. But trust your gut instincts....if you get the feeling that this is *it* then go with it! Sorry I'm no help ;)
  6. Still... the price of a new Damier canvas belt is around 320 USD (I think), so even with repairs/replacement it would be quite a steal...
  7. I think in your heart of hearts it sounds like you really want to get it...trust that gut feeling IMO. You don't need our permission -- well if you do here it is: Permission granted. LOL. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut!
  8. I am still waiting for better pics and a response from the seller.
  9. Well, because of the style of buckle, those holes would have to be just the right size, and I don't know if LV would do them or if you would have to go to a shoe maker, and those might not be exact?
  10. You don't need to punch in extra holes. All they have to do is move the buckle. The seller of the item is FABULOUS!!! I personally had great experience buying from them! Their items are usually reasonably priced. There are plenty of pics in that auction showing every flaw. How many more extra pictures did you want? Just curious?
  11. ^I kindly requested two additional photos, a picture of the scratched buckle sans flash (reflection), and a picture of the holes, to see if the canvas has been strectched there. Not an unreasonable request I believe. Regarding the holes, I think it's odd that this belt has only three, while mine has five.

    How does LV move the buckle? You mean an artisan screws it off, cuts a piece of canvas off, and then screws the buckle on again?

  12. I am not saying your request is unresonable. I was just curious, that's all. The itme and it's condition looks pretty clear to me from the pics posted.

    As for moving the buckle, I think it's done exactly as you said: the buckle comes off and they cut the piece of canvas of but I am not sure if LV is actually going to do it or if you'd take it to a cobbler.
  13. ^ I think I just have to ask LV...