Ebay being sued for knock off bag sales...

  1. ^^^GREAT!!! Something needs to be done about this!!!!! Good job emailing Balenciaga!!!!!
  2. LOVE IT! :roflmfao: But get ready for ebays fees to go up, someone has to pay their attorneys fees, and it will probably be us the sellers....the sellers who sell AUTHENTIC items!:cursing:
  3. Damn it about time. I hope something comes of this though...
  4. I think the idea is great, but it's not just eBay's fault... whenever people provide a service, there will always be people/fakers that take advantage of unsuspecting people. I think as a buyer, you do hold some responsibility before buying your jeans, bags, jewelry, etc...

    I hope that this will help cut down on the sellers who do the massive listing of fake bags - I remember a couple of times seeing the masses of fake Chanels and Bbags listed within minutes of each other, which were clearly fake!
  5. about damn time! when are they going to start regulating fake bbag sales? I offer them my services. for serious.
  6. Finally! Justice will be served! (Hopefully.)
  7. I don't see an easy way of solving this problem though. Policing fakes is a difficult and time-consuming business and even if they had a method to identify the fakes 100% of the time (probably not possible) it would surely slow down the listing process.

    Then there are these buyers who will try to cheat honest sellers out of their goods by swapping real bags with fake copies and then claim that they were sold fakes..

    Too many problems. I am getting a headache just thinking about it.
  8. Well if Ebay loses the lawsuit and pays big $$ which I think they will, maybe they will start closing accounts and ending auctions.
    I just have no sympathy for Ebay whatsoever. There are thousands of obvious fakes. Obviously they can't catch the ones that switch bags until after the auction is over and the buyer realizes that she has been scammed, but the many power sellers that sell obvious fakes day after day, they can do something about.
    WTG LV!! :yahoo: I hope they win the lawsuit.:yes:
    The auction where Edna's pictures were stolen and used is still up. Several of us from here reported it..... did Ebay do anything? NO :cursing:
  9. Powder,

    You have a point. Perhaps the problem is in Ebay's fee structure. Right now they get a profit even if the auction doesn't sell, just from the listing fees, thus all the obvious fake auctions are making money for them too. I think the situation would be much improved if Ebay's only allowed to take their fees when both buyer and seller are satisfied with the sale. But I don't know how Ebay can be forced into that.
  10. Given all the money ebay gain from a single auction, they should make sure it's a safe place for us to buy and sell. Ebay totally put up with those scammer, long time ago I have reported a seller for selling fake dior bags, I am talking about those styles that was never even produced!! Also that seller used those ioffer pictures just adding "AUTHENTIC", ebay let him keep listing and I was so upset. I called ebay and told them they are fake, dior never produced them. All they told me that if I am not a winner of the auction and had not pay, they cannot do anything about it. Because dior was not in the VERO program and as long as they don't care about it ebay wouldn't...... :cursing:
  11. i have no sympathy for ebay whatsoever either. a big reason why a lot of bags don't sell sometimes is because there are fakes! and a big headache for a lot of buyers is getting scammed by people who are selling fakes! think of the nightmare people have to go through when they DO get scammed. ebay makes it so difficult for people to get their money back from people who scam them, and in that sense, they are PROTECTING the people who are selling counterfeit goods. there needs to be protection, not only of the market for authentic goods, but also and most importantly for the customer. very often i am hesitant to use ebay for buying OR selling because i think they work against some of their customers.
  12. Finally!!! It was about time! Imagine if it is posible that ebay will only sell authentic items! Wow, that would be so awesome!
  13. Pinkpirate..you said it perfectly and I agree with you 100% :yes:
  14. I finally got an answer from Balenciaga. Here is the email that they sent me. Maybe there is hope. I sent them the link to the Reuters story and the Vero link on Ebay.

    Thank you for your email and interest in Balenciaga.

    You email has been forwarded to person in charge.

    Many thanks again.

    Kind regards