eBay Balenciagas - what's happening?

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  1. Have you guys noticed that there are quite a few good Balenciaga listings on eBay? Prices are good too. Everyone seems to be unloading their babies. Do they know something I don't know? Please share what you think. Mystified. :confused1:
  2. Everyone wants to sell because the new colors are starting to come out?
  3. I second that. I do not think people are unloading because the brand is no longer desirable; they are probably just making room in their closet for the hot new colors.
  4. Yep I noticed that too!! There are some real beauties up for grabs. I agree that sellers are just making room for some of the new bags coming through... particularly with the magenta and purple coloured bags

    Still not seeing my Rouge Theatre City though!!!
  5. I noticed that as well... " Out w/ the old ... In w/ the new";)
  6. i've noticed!! its a great time to buy as there will be good deals!!
  7. I agree with you all and I think people are selling to fund new bags. At least that is the case for me. I cannot speak for anyone else but I for one save up for my bags and I admit it is an expensive addiction (obsession). And sometimes I go ahead and buy one or two bags at a time without too much thought and when I see another amazing come out I want to get it too ... so my mind tells me go for it but my wallet tells me "stop right there". And this is where I am at... I want the violet and jaune for fall 07 but I need to sell a spring 07 bag first.
  8. I think its true that people are making way for new colours because a lot of the bags listed are the same, or similar, colours.

    I still haven't seen any green ones though - I'd love Origan! (I think that's the one!)
  9. Please note that the ONLY place to be discussing Balenciaga on eBay is in the Authenticate This Balenciaga thread - post any auctions there, that you are considering, for opinions on authenticity.

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Thread Status:
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