Ebay bag: Loved or ABUSED?!

  1. i always hate when i see beautiful MJ bags on eBay that have been put through the ringer. what kind of person would treat such an expensive bag like a garbage plastic bag?? ive had bags for years that still look new
  2. OMG!!!:wtf:
  3. that's a fun color combo. i'm amazed at how the outside looks pretty good, yet the inside is a mess. it's usually the other way around or the entire bag is just dirty. weird. anyway, the stains look like they could be removed if you take it to a leather cleaner. am i being too optimistic?
  4. Poor MP :crybaby:
  5. I remember seeing this one posted before and had the same thoughts (what a mess).....:yucky:

    Seller does say she's never cleaned it - maybe a good scrub down will do?
  6. Meh. Not worth all the trouble.
  7. I think it depends on whether you really are looking for this color MP. with the poor condition of the interior, you could probably snag it up pretty cheap and use some of the cost savings to get it cleaned. I am wondering how in the world they managed to mess up the interior like that though :wtf:
  8. :crybaby: I can't believe people treat their babies so poorly!!

    I agree, though, that you could probably take this to a cleaner and get it spiffed up pretty nicely. Looks like she just needs some good old fashioned TLC. :heart:
  9. wow the exterior is so much nicer. i agree with everyoneelse. it may be a good idea to buy and then get it cleaned.
  10. Well, I am guilty of spilling inside my bags. Not on purpose. I have had some makeup spill and that was a mess. This hasn't happened in a long time, though. I wish I could see closer photos of the outside...like the edges. If the inside is all that is wrong with it, I would say it would probably be an ok deal if someone wanted this shade. I am not sure if this is cantaloupe, though. I have a cantaloupe stella and it is much darker and does not have teal/turquoise stitching. I think this might be a different shade.
  11. I think that is Almond...

    I had a Susannah in that combo...
  12. I agree - the inside is really gross. But I must say that if I were selling this bag, I'd probably sell it dirty and let the buyer assume the responsibility for having it cleaned. If the seller took it to be cleaned and the bag got messed up, she might not be able to sell it.
  13. This one looks good compared to one that I bought off eBay back in the Fall. I was so upset when I opened the box to find a nasty, dirty E/W Shoulder Flap. The lining (canvas) was so disgusting that I bleached it!! I used a Mr. Clean magic eraser and lots of scrubbing as well. It did help the lining but the outside I can't say that much for it. I for the life of me can not fathom someone treating such a nice bag like CRAP! I have cheap Coach bags that I have had for years that look brand new. I guess I am anal when it comes to bags! :cursing: Ok I am finished ranting now...I had no one before to understand how I felt about it.

    Well, at least now I have a bag that I can carry in rain or snow and not freak out about it.;)
  14. Maybe they carried newspapers in it? :shrugs:
    I don't think I own anything that dirty, that would muck up the inside of a bag so badly!