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  1. i've noticed a surge of rare bags on eBay lately: rare colors (marigold, eggplant, bubblegum, seafoam, turquoise), rare styles (flat brass, aviator). and some are new with tags! are all the balenciaga collectors doing an early spring cleaning? unfortunately, i'm on a purse ban for several months but i hope the lovely ladies on tPF are finding the bags of their dreams.
  2. ha ha ha... maybe to cover up the spending for the new season's b bag :p
    i'm selling mine because i'm sooo bugged by bal-access and speding so much for them, also i'm getting a coco cabas :party:
  3. ha! i'm doing some pre-spring unloading too to pay for a couple new hermes. which cabas -- the original or the new one?
  4. the vinyl one :p
    i don't like the baby with the diamond stitching, would love to get the original leather, but i don't have the gut to buy that yet...
  5. seahorse i noticed most bbag gals are moving to chanel :smile: im selling a few of mine too, im getting a new chanel classic flap.. good luck with your sale :smile:
  6. kaka, i wouldn't say i move to chanel :p
    i was just craving this one bag :drool: but, when i visit chanel's sub, now i'm drooling over a soft & chain too :wtf:
  7. Ooooooh ... you 'BAD' (aka: Traitors) girls :graucho: :greengrin: !!!!!

    Yeah, I'm cleaning out the closets too ... selling those bags that I either NEVER used or very infrequently used. Want to "fund" the new purchases! Once I'm done with Balenciaga, then I'm going to put up the "others" (Chanel, Fendi, Chloe, etc.) ... because I NEVER use them anymore (a few were never used) ... gosh, how SICK is that?!?!? :confused1:
  8. i love purging myself of bags i don't use anymore. i believe it's good karma, sending bags to owners who will love them and use them. with that said, anyone with a rouge theatre work or weekender can feel free to unload one on me anytime!
  9. i have no idea what's going on - all i can say is that i'm ready with my $ in hand! :yahoo:

    if anyone is needing to unload anything rouge theatre, dolma green or anis, i'd be more than happy to take it off their hands... ;)
  10. CeeJay!!! u're a traitor tooooo!!!! :roflmfao:

    yes, we are sick ladies over here.... we need a pyshchiatrist or 2 around here :yes:
  11. I want the pistachio twiggy on eBay and was set to BIN -- then I noticed that the seller does not accept PayPal and I don't do non-PayPal transactions. She wants money order, cashier's check or bank transfer and those are deal-killers for me because there is no buyer protection. Sob.
  12. oh ronda.... :yes: that pistachio is pretty.. too bad bout the paypal thing :p
    i'm also one of the seller who can't paid by paypal, not that i don't want to, but my paypal account only can send money not received :crybaby:
  13. couldn't you have asked for an escrow? i've used escrows both as a buyer and a seller when paypal wasn't involved. i would love to not have to use paypal -- the fees suck!

  14. ... but ... I don't even look at any other bags BUT Balenciaga!!! :shame: :smile: :yes: Okay ... I got "swayed" just a little a few years ago when some L/V, Chanel, Fendi ... then Chloe bags (and the 1 Jimmy Choo) made it into the Closet. I loved the style of the Chloe bags, but they are so DARN heavy ... forget it (need to pack the bottle of Aleve!). I realized that Balenciaga is really the best bag for me since it's lightweight which is exactly what I need when traveling.

    Now ... I would only become a "traitor" if a Hermes Birkin were to become available for a GOOD price ... HA (like that will ever happen!).
  15. i swear i've seen a dolma something in the past week -- maybe a day?
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