Ebay automatic bidding vs sniping service?

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  1. Is there an advantage to using a sniping service rather than doing an automatic bid on Ebay? I've never done either but they seem pretty much the same to me.

    Do most of you Ebay buyers do some sort of sniping? either Ebay automatic or sniping service or sniping manually the last few seconds?

    thank you for any advice
  2. I prefer to manually snipe, however there are times when an auction ends at 5am and that's really when I'd use a sniping service. :P
  3. Like Lily I use a sniping service when the auction is ending at an inconvenient time for me. Ie when I know I'll be afk or out of cell phone range.
  4. I expect most of us have sniped at some point in time. :biggrin:. I haven't bid on an auction in ages, I prefer BINs with or without best offer. I don't have the patience to wait for the outcome of an auction and I've lost interest in the gamesmanship that goes along with auctions.

    I've sniped myself and used a sniping service. And they are pretty much the same. The nice thing about the sniping service is that you don't have to remember to hang around your computer/phone to count down the end of the auction. Some people are wary of giving a sniping service their ebay password. That never bothered me and I never had any problems with it.
  5. If I'm watching an auction, I always snipe. I've never used a service, partially because I'm not comfortable disclosing my password but mainly because (with me, anyway), sniping is part of the fun of trying to win an auction.

    There have been occasions where I've set my alarm for 4 am to catch the end of the auction. I check the current price (at the time) and if it's higher than I want to pay, I go back to bed. If it's still in my ballpark, I wait out the last couple of minutes, place my bid and go back to bed after.
  6. thanks
    I've only tried once to bid in an auction. It was an item with a lot of bids. I waited until the end (maybe 30-40 seconds before) and put my bid in. Someone outbid me. A couple of miinutes later it showed that reserve was not met so that person didn't get it either.

    The item I'm thinking of bidding on now has one bid. But I may not be near a computer at end of auction and I'm also concerned that the one bid could be one that will automatically bid higher if someone else bids. So, if for instance, she has the minimum bid in right now for $50 and I bid $55 30 seconds before the end, her automatic bidding may immediately outbid me.
    I guess the way around that might me to wait until 5 or 10 seconds before the end and hope computer cooperates and nothing goes wrong?

    From what I can tell ebay has a system where you tell them your max but they will only bid what's necessary for you to win? If that's the case why use an outside sniping website?

    I don't really like auctions but if this item doesn't get bid up it could be a good deal.
  7. That's the risk you take with snipping. Another bidder's bid could be higher than yours. But, if you're snipping, it's wise to enter the highest amount you're willing to pay anyway. This way, you will avoid getting into a bidding war and going above your budget in the heat of the moment. If you're still outbid, it wasn't meant to be.

    And 30-40 seconds it way, way too early! :cool:
  8. thanks....so if I want to snipe manually I should wait until 10-15 seconds before the end? or less?

    and what about difference between ebay automatic bidding and sniping websites?
  9. If there is only one bid of $50 that means the auction (or reserve) started at $50. You have no way of knowing if that is the buyer's maximum bid or not. If she has set her maximum at $75 and your max bid is $55, you will not win the item regardless of when you put in your bid.

    All sniping does whether you do it yourself or it is done by an outside agency is let you put in your maximum bid at the last minute. This reduces the risk of getting into a bidding war but will not win you the item if someone has placed a higher maximum bid.

    And I agree that 30 - 40 seconds is too early. Most snipes go in with less than 10 seconds left.
  10. So, if I put in a maximum bid with ebay, they will immediately show my bid - not at max but at minimum - then keep bidding for me up to max?
    Whereas if I use a sniping website the other bidder won't know I'm bidding until the last few seconds?
    Is that the difference?
  15. I usually enter in my bid at 4-5 seconds left.