eBay Authentications

  1. Not sure have anyone come across this site. Jus wan to share wif all the genunie buyers out there :yes: My Poupette.com
  2. Thanks angrynutz! Lots of people here use them and love them, but there have also been some wrong authentications from what ive heard in the past, and from personal experience.
  3. My Poupette ISN'T authorized by LV or anyone else to authenticate. I also know from personal experience and have also heard other PFers, in addition to Kiss Me Deadly, say that My Poupette has given incorrect authentications in the past. So just beware of that if you are going to use them. :smile:
  4. with ANY site or ANY person authenticating, there is a chance of being wrong. no one is perfect.
  5. i tried jills and she worked with me over the phone and went through archives to find what the bag was suppossed to look like, she found specific reasons so her customer service was fantastic. she called me all the way from new york in florida. i didnt get my money back but paypal said i should probably next week. i think shes cheaper than mypoupette, with a flat rate and return postage of just 35, you guys should try her, shes good.
  6. Just a note: you don't have to pay big $$ to have someone authenticate a bag in writing for Ebay or Paypal... both will accept a written authentication from any seller who has substantial experience with the brand. If you have a friend or acquaintance that sells a lot of Ebay, they can do it for you. I just hate to see people paying a lot for written authentications when any longtime LV seller can do it for free. ;)

  7. What???? Im confused now, so ANYONE can authenticate?:wtf:
  8. Well, basically what she was trying to say was if you know someone who is good at identifying authentic designer goods and has been selling for a while, you should ask for his/her opinion rather than spend money to have your bag authenticated. They are qualified as a third party, after all.

    On a side note...
    Cheap picture authentications cost around $5, but they may not always be the best thing to do (since, as mentioned before, there were some false authentications in the past). If you don't know anyone, you can either a) take your bag to the boutique (if they're willing to do authentications and they DON'T normally do written authentications), b) have it authenticated through third party forums (such as here, ebay forums, etc.), or c) have the bag authenticated from a third party source (i.e., mypoupette) via e-mail/mail. There are a lot of people on this board who are pretty good at catching fakes, so you can ask for their opinion.

    When you collect handbags, you'll get a better sense of what is real and what isn't. I used to not know how to tell the difference between real and fake LVs, but I now can easily weed out the obvious ones after owning a couple.
  9. Ebay and Paypal require an "third party" who is a long time seller or appraiser, authenticator, expert, etc... I know most of the long-time LV sellers on Ebay can write a letter on behalf of a third party now in an Ebay or Paypal dispute and it will be accepted. ;)
  10. OT, I hope you weren't offended when I spoke on your behalf. :shame:
  11. No, not at all! You said basically what I meant. ;) I just hate seeing people pay a lot of money for written authentications from MP or other experts when they have a Paypal claim when really a written opinion from any long-time seller will do (and is usually free).
  12. Anyway nowadays fake gucci is so real that i can't even identify