EBay auction using photos from BarbieCollector.

  1. I've recently been searching for several collectors dolls that are no longer available from Mattel. I've been browsing through listings at eBay and I notice that a substantial amount of sellers are simply using photos from the Barbie Collector website.

    I would firstly like to know... wouldn't that be considered the same as using any other person's photographs, and is it not a reportable offense?

    These listings are certainly ones that I pass by and would never consider bidding on, but how do you feel about people who do this?
  2. i would think it's like using a stock photo. if you browse through electronics, there are tons of items with stock photos, so i wouldn't consider this a reportable offense. if you want to see the actual doll you'll be bidding on, simply send a message to the seller asking exactly that. they should put up actual photos, but i guess some people can't be bothered.

    i personally wouldn't bid unless i see a photo of the actual item i'm bidding on
  3. If everybody uses stock photos and you use pics on the actual doll, your item simply standing out with more creditability, and thus easier to sell. misss60's view on demanding to see real pic represents many buyer's voice : )
  4. Hmmm, that would be like me posting a pic of say......Catherine Deneuve, saying it's me.
    I WISH I looked like her but alas.....