Ebay Auction Thread For Posting Bags! Yes Or No? Poll!


Ebay Auction Thread For Posting Bags! Yes Or No? Poll!

  1. YES... please!!!

  2. NO way... are you crazy?!

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  1. Hey b-bag sistas!!!

    byMiMi and I would like some feedback - give us your best shot!!! :yahoo: on what we've come up with... We know that there are LOADS of b-bags :love: on eBay and we of course are looking out for each other - OF COURSE! BUT we were thinking about doing a STICKY at the top of this Sub-Forum - just for eBay listings... what do ya think????

    LET US KNOW!!!

    Please vote 'Yes' if you think there should be a sticky on the top of the forum that people can post cool ebay auctions (not their own!) that they find.

    Please vote 'No' if you would not like a sticky and would like to continue posting each individual auction as it pops up.

    We will leave the poll up for a week so it gives substantial time for each member of this forum to vote.

    Thanks ;) love your b-bag loving sistas, byMimi and helenNZ :flowers:
  2. I vote yes if its okay with mom and dad (vlad and megs). I wonder what the legal ramifications would be?
  3. 0o0ops a doddle... its closing on New Zealand... 0o0ops SORRY!!!!
  4. make sure you vote in the poll! because those are the votes we will be looking at in the end!

    regarding the posts - it's fine to post ebay auctions (we've been told!) but according to the rules, you can NOT POST YOUR OWN auctions.
  5. Huh? :lol:
  6. I think it'll be a great idea so people don't have to keep on posting ebay links and ask "is this one authentic?"
  7. Humm... I posted the "con" of this is the other closed thread. -but- I guess the upside would be that only the vigilent would see new bags that were posted. I've felt recently like the posting of bags (that I wanted to bid on) was the kiss of death - so to speak....
  8. I voted no. I know I post a lot of auctions so I contribute greatly to the clutter but I really try right now to (1) post auctions of rare colors or (2) some not so rare colors but that are at a steal or at least substantially under retail.
  9. this will have nothing to do with the authenticate this thread -- authenticity questions will still get posted in the authenticate this sticky.

    basically this sticky would be to post bags that we KNOW are authentic and that are offered on ebay (basically instead of having an individual thread per bag it would be all in one place)

    one worry i do have, is that the thread might get long and hard to sort through since auctions are constantly ending, the majority of the auctions will become 'expired' very quickly.
  11. could we have both? a sticky with a LIST (no discussion) of the authentic bbags on eBay as well as the option of opening a thread to discuss a particular auction? or is the point to cut down in the amount of new threads in this subforum? would that just make it harder for you guys?
  12. Well, we already have an "is this authentic" thread, so I don't think this new one would be for that purpose. But for those of us who don't have a lot of time and come in to quickly scan the new topics, it's great to immediately pick up the new exiting auctions.

    beaux, you definitely have a point there... ;) On the other hand, if one is vigilant enough to check the auction thread, one is probably vigilant enough to have found the listing on eBay in the first place.

    I dunno - is there a general sense that there are too many threads created in this sub-forum? 'Cuz if it ain't broke...
  13. I don't know why, but I never check stickies. too much under one thread..
  14. :roflmfao: i think i was suppose to close it like 8 days because im like a date a head of you b-bag sistas! LOL oh well!!!

    VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE for the love of b-bags!!!!!!!

    LOL... i'm going back to edit it... i just CLICKED!
  15. don't worry helen! it worked, it's a 7 day poll! :smile: you did it right!