Ebay auction second chance off, should I take it?!?!

  1. Okay so I don't know who saw this yesterday, but I had posted an eBay auction on a chambray and signature carly. My highest bid was $190.00, but I did not meet the sellers reserve price, therefore the auction ended with no winner. There were two pictures she took of the inside of the carly (which is all blue) they were pen marks but the picture was def. of a tanning looking color. I asked her why the pictures didn't match color wise. So she messaged me back and said this purse is authentic or your money back x2 and also that her camera did not take good pictures...which i do understand because I have also taken a bad pic of an inside of a bag and the color looked warped. ANYWAYS....Here is the auction....here is the orginal post I made.


    SO the question is should i go for it...which shipping ($8.95) I will be paying 198.95. The purse also comes with a fossil wallet as well. So are these urses in the outlet? Is the price I will be getting it for too much? I have no idea what this color is running for and I don't want to make a mistake in purchasing something that wasn't worth it!!!

    I also have never owned a carly:wtf:

    Any suggestions would be lovely!

  2. Totally worth it!!!! :tup: The coloring of those pics is weird, but the bag looks totally authentic and that is a great price.. go for it!!!! :tup:
  3. will those pen marks come out for sure?
  4. I say you should totally take it. If I had the chance, I would jump on it. (So take what I say with a grain of salt) ha!
  5. I would go for it. This color combo is no longer available and I have never even seen it before this auction! And the pen marks are inside so the only one who knows they are there is you. Do it!!
  6. What size is it, is it a medium ?
  7. LOVE the khaki/chambray combo... I'd definitely go for it. The pen mark is on the inside right? That wouldn't bother me. This retailed for $348 & is not in the outlets.
  8. I think it's a good deal especially the color combo is pretty rare.. however, because of that color combo (cool and warm mix together), it's probably hard to wear with certain outfits.. maybe good with jean and white shirt or blue.. I am trying to picture you wearing that bag with a pink shirt :s sorry I am not so much help lol

    The bottom line is if you really like it then go for it.. I think it's a really good deal for the bag :tup:
  9. please be careful with second chance offers....I know two people who lost thousands of dollars because they got a second chance offer and it turne out to be fake. Im not saying yours is, but email the seller from the original auction page to make sure and pay thru paypal because they offer protection!

    Good luck!
  10. Personally I'd pass. I still don't see how the blue could get so washed out in the close-up pics and still have the pen marks visible. But I'm really gun-shy about buying Coach on eBay anyways due to the massive numbers of fakes on there.
  11. I also say go for it!! :tup: Beauty of a bag - that color combo is so pretty and rare - and those pen marks look very minor. Also feedback is good and the other items that she's sold look good.
    EDIT: Do take Wendie's advice and email the seller from the original auction page!
  12. The bag looks totally authentic, she has great feedback.. you have paypal protection.. the bag was $348 + tax and has been long gone.. they are few and far between.. if you love it, get it! :tup: The pen marks will probably come out, but they are on the inside.. and I would go from the original auction also to make sure the 2nd chance offer was legit. :tup: Good Luck, let us know what happens!!!
  13. Tanukiki, I agree. I am so afraid on Ebay with all the fakes out there. I know there are honest sellers but I would rather peace of mind and know what I'm getting is real.
    And this isn't to say that the Carly you are looking at is fake, just proceed with caution before jumping into it.
  14. If I were you I would definitely go for it. I was watching this auction on ebay and if I had the money right now I would totally get it myself.