Ebay Auction Removals - A Warning for Sellers!

  1. This morning eBay user washboy2 (or someone that hacked into his account) BIN'd about 80 LV and high end designer items - one of them was mine. eBay looked into the matter and canceled all the listings due to "bidding activity that took place without the account owner's authorization".

    eBay refunded my listing fee automatically, BUT did not refund my Final Value Fee (for my listing, $29). If you are a seller, and this happens to you, please check your account and make sure that the Final Value Fee is refunded! I went to eBay chat and had the issue resolved. I wanted to share my story - I personally don't want eBay to end up with too much money! :Push:
  2. oh, that really sucks! i hate how there are so many frauds and bad users and sellers often are the ones who feel the impact. good thing you checked and was able to fix the FVF problem.
  3. thanks for the info, so sorry this happened to you
  4. file an unpaid item dispute after 7 days, there should be a reason similar to " fraudulent activity" then you'll get your fees back
  5. Thanks for letting us know!
  6. ooo that happpened to me yesterday too....

    MissThing - you cant file a NPB alert as the auction has been removed
  7. Hi Everyone!

    New to the forum... :flowers:

    Just wanted to say thanks to missbradshaw for the warning! Can't even tell you how many times this has happened to me! Twice in the last month alone! Never bothered to check my invoice. How do I get this money back???

    Dodgy eBay. If they remove the listing and refund the listing fee, why don't they refund the FVF? Not as though they don't charge enough already! :cursing:

  8. I didn't realsie that. can the OP got to live help and talk to someone, ebay are stealing her money!
  9. If you accept paypal, you should use the option for "immediate payment required" when using buy it now. I don't think it works for very high priced items though.