eBay Auction - Apple Green(?!?) - Color should be PUKE Green

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  1. Yikes!
  2. :sick: That's not even funny!
  3. oh my gosh.. i think the seller did something to the tones in that nicole richie picture to make her bag look like the yucky puke green she's selling...
  4. eeeeewww...:yucky::yucky::yucky::rant:
  5. ick! i hate that the fake sellers are pricing the fakes higher too. it forces it into my search even when i put a limit on it. grrr. i'm so over looking at fakes! i cant wait until the MP is running like usual and I can access it!
  6. HORRIBLE :rant::yucky::yucky::yucky: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Really ugly fake!! yikes!
  8. oh noooooooooooooooo, that color green is horrible :sick:
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