Ebay assistance- please

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  1. Jag, I'm really not sure about authenticity of these items and I don't mean to sound skeptical, but the starting bids are so low it makes me question.....there is a thread somewhere here I think by Greentea that has authentic sellers on ebay, which is where I have bought my bags....and those sellers is where I would start.. However, I'm not sure about the above sellers.......generally you are going to pay pretty close to retail for these bags if not more....sometimes getting a great deal though! Good luck!
  2. Yeah-its probably too good to be true. The chocolate was closer to retail, but still I just couldn't help myself and had to ask. I have serious Birkin-itis right now.
  3. I would not trust the chocolate one at all. Just seems fishy. The gold, I'm not sure. It has a lot of things right with it. I'd like to know the reserve...
  4. Me too! I will try to find out from the seller- maybe she will give me a but it now price?
  5. Don't bid! Both of them are fake :evil:
  6. Nuts- it's always too good to be true. Will sit and wait for my birkin like a good girl :sad:
  7. The sellers that are mentioned on the "Authentic Sellers" list are definitely good ones and they do not sell fakes. Better yet, if I remember correctly, couple of them are My Poupette recommeneded sellers so it's probably a better idea to start with them first :biggrin:
  8. How can you tell? I'm just curious...
  9. The whole ebay thing I use for reference...I just like to look at the color combinations and I don't get into whether the bags are real or fake. I wouldn't buy from there, so I don't bother. I decide if there might be a color I'd want to put on my waitlist etc. or change my list. It keeps me less frustrated and/or less worried about getting a fake if I stay away from the thought.
  10. The gold is def fake! There is one thing I learned to distinguish real and fake ones, if anyone wants to know, please refer to my post at page 12 of the Hermes Informative Catalog thread.

  11. Just want to add that I think the choco one is fake too, for the same reason as the gold one. The seller thinks she is so slick showing the correct pictures, but 1 pic stands out, and if you blow it up, you can see where she makes her mistake.

  12. FAKE!

    Save yourself a couple thousand dollars and take your chances at an Hermes store. It's definitely more fun than sitting at the computer.
  13. Thanks ladies! I have returned back down earth and am passing on both. Will try to wait paitently like a good girl for my birkin. It's just so hard, as you all know. AHHH! I only wish there was an Hermes boutique here, but must rely upon NM to get it for me. Thanks again everyone for helping me out! I truly appreciate it!
  14. Jag, wait for the store experience, even at NM!!
    I'm thinking of buying a small, easy to find H bag to ease my waiting pains but, at least, we're all waiting with 'ya. :smile: