Ebay 'Ask Seller Question' Rant..

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  1. Okay, I have a few auctions up and for fun I put my sweet pup in each one just posing behind the items. So far, they are doing well and have had a couple questions. Tonight, I received a question from some idiot seller that said:
    Wow, no offense, but that dog doesn't add anything to your auction photos, that's a face only a mother could love. I'm sure YOU love that dog, not sure the bidders will.
    I was dumbfounded and mad. I do love my dog more than anything, but this just felt low. Kinda like when you tell a mother their child is ugly...Anyway, I think it was just stupid of him to contact me, b/c what does he care? I can understand if having Bella in the pics turns some buyers away- I accept it. This was more for the fun factor and if they don't sell then no skin off my teeth. I just found the email tasteless and dumb. I told him to lighten up and work on his lousy feedback. Loser!
  2. ^^Awful! Some people just have nothing better to do.
  3. Wow..I totally agree..What a total loser with nothing better to do! He should mind his own d*mn business!
  4. Yeah, that's what I tell myself.
  5. aw, how horrible, don't take it to heart .....idiot (not you ! )
  6. there is another thread with a similar issue about how she has received random and sometimes rude questions/comments. luckily they're not anonymous so at least you can block them from bidding on your auction (i can see some crazies doing it just to mess with you). all you can do is ignore it.
  7. These people are just sad losers with nothing else to do ! Seriously how bad must you feel in yourself to actually take time to type nasty crap to someone you dont know :wtf:

    Being me I would reply : " I hope your mother loves YOUR face." LOL ! But thats just me being mean :graucho:
  8. That's mean. What a troll.
  9. What a sad amd horrible person he is!
    I think I would have been tempted to reply back to him..."well with all your charm and charisma I bet you're mother is so very proud"!
    I wouldn't take it to heart what he said BellaBoo, he's just a complete a$$!
  10. I think you did great by telling him to lighten up and work on his lousy feedback.
    I envision a pathetic lonely guy, surrounded by empty soda cans and Cheetos bags, typing comments to folks as he has no life.
  11. I saw what I think are your listings before I read this thread (MJ?) and if it is the same ones, the photo with your pup in it brought a smile to my face - she is adorable! The idiot that sent you that is clearly a sad and pathetic person!

    PS: My beautiful pup's name is Bella too!
  12. obviously their mother only loves THEM b/c only a mother would put up with that disrespect!
  13. ita
  14. Ignore them and all the rest of the nuts on ebay who have nothing to do but send rude comments!!! They are pitiable if they need attention or response that badly. Don't give them the satisfaction.
  15. I wish I had the spare time that these *bay crazies have! BellaBoo, I am sure your dog is beautiful!