Ebay: As a seller which countries won't you send to?

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  1. #1 Jan 28, 2010
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    I have an x bag on ebay and a potential buyer with 1 feedback, has asked if I'll post it to Manila, Philippines as a gift for her boss. For some reason when I read it, it doesn't doesn't sound genuine and I feel nervous selling an expensive bag and having someone chargeback. I've never posted there before, is it safe? I've selected worldwide but I was hoping to find out which countries not to send to, to save myself any problems. TIA
  2. I think the 'gift" is because they dont wanna pay customs.
  3. Speaking as someone who had a TERRIBLE experience shipping overseas I now ONLY ship to the US after a hard lesson learned. I absolutely would not sell this bag to that buyer. Not only due to the fact that they only have 1 feedback, but because they're asking you to lie about the value of the bag on the customs form. This sounds completely shady to me, I just think it's always better to be safe than sorry.
  4. I only ship within the US. It is too much of a hassle, and if you don't insure the item for the actual value, then you can get screwed if they claim they didn't get it. Do a charge back through paypal, and have your item and their money.
  5. I live in the Philippines, and even I would warn you not to ship there. ^^

    Also, she sounds like a dodgy buyer. If she was really serious about purchasing your item, she would not have chosen that it be shipped directly to Manila, because customs will most definitely charge her an arm and a leg for it.
  6. I will ship anywhere :P

    My only problem has been a bag I sold to someone in the US... she tried to scam me, failed.
  7. I don't sell much but I absolutely do not ship internationally and that includes Canada. Different postal systems, courrier companies and customs just makes it too much of a hassle and too easy to be scammed without any legal recourse. And undervaluing is a big no-no for me as well.

    I think the gal in the below thread wishes she'd not done those very things!

    I sent bag australia buyer customs wants to destroy it
  8. I'd be interested to read that thread, is there a link? ^

    I live in Australia, have never had any problems and usually buy from US sellers. I guess there are good and bad everywhere.

    I vaguely recall someone saying not to send to Italy. Is the postal system in Philippines or anywhere else really dodgy?
  9. The thread below this (right now) - so must be 3rd when I post , if you hurry ;).
  10. After all the issues shipping international, I finally decided to only ship within the USA.
  11. I will not, under any circumstances, ship to Italy. Scammer-central! My only Paypal disputes have been with Italians and INR - I have read that the cost of shipping with signature to Italy is so prohibitive that sellers (like me) ship only International Priority and the people know this and claim non receipt all the time. My last one claimed he didn't receive one of my rare records ($75), so PP sided with him and he got my record (no doubt about it) and the money refunded. He also had the nerve to threaten to report me to eBay for "not sending" his record.
  12. Personally I've been lucky selling internationally and haven't had almost any problems. Just be sure to do the following to keep yourself covered:

    -mention in your listing that you're not responsible for customs fees or import taxes and will never undervalue
    -don't undervalue on the customs forms
    -don't mark as a gift (I say 'other' then ' ebay') on the customs forms
    -only send priority or express mail (do NOT use a flat rate envelope--it doesn't have delivery confirmation)
    -use signature confirmation on orders over $250
    -keep in mind import restrictions, like on certain leather goods to Italy or python leather to California and look them up if you think it might be iffy
    -use your best judgement: if you're selling a high-ticket item and are worried about the hassle, say you'll only accept international bidders with feedback above 10 or 50 or whatever you're comfortable with

    I've even put in some auctions that international bidders are subject to approval and I do a little research into what they've bought and sold in the past to determine if they seem reliable (especially check feedback they've left for others). A lot of it is learning to trust your instincts and as soon as a buyer seems shady, I just block them and don't deal with the hassle of worrying.
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  14. Or just block international bidders entirely. You can always add exemptions to the block list, if an interested bidder asks you to and is agreeable to your terms. And agree to the above post, do your research on said buyers. ^^
  15. I'm from the Philippines and I would never ship there. The postal system, like many organizations in the country has problems with theft & corruption. I'm not saying everything gets stolen or lost and there aren't honest buyers or workers from there...there are just too many holes in the system and even with tracking, it's difficult to ensure the safety & delivery of items. I do speak from personal experience of sending items of value to my relatives back home & not having a great track record of such things arriving.

    There are private international delivery companies like UPS or DHL but you do pay a premium and it's really up to you if the service is worth it. Hope that helps.