Ebay and TPF etiquette

  1. if you see one of your listing in an "authenticate this..." thread, do you ever reply to the post saying it's actually your item being sold? or send a PM to the tpfer asking for authentication?
  2. It's tricky and I also wonder what the real rule/best practice is--you don't want to be accused of promoting your own sales, but in the subforum I frequent most often the "small sellers" who are individuals often do speak up and say it's their item. It's apparently frowned on for larger sellers/professional sellers to do this though.
  3. i would only respond if for some reason someone says its fake... other then that I dont see a reason to speak up

    but thats just me :shrugs:
  4. I don't speak up usually. I may send a PM to the person asking the question.

    Yesterday I got an ASQ on one of my items and I asked her if that was her post on the Authenticate This thread on the brand I was selling.
  5. I personally will not respond to any question posted in an "Authenticate" thread about one of my bags... They are authentic and there are others that can confirm that on the thread. I also will not post my own listings to a eBay Deals/Finds thread. I completely disagree with those that DO ~ do this... Just seems to cross a line... JMO :yes:
  6. :wtf: People do that?! I would think that's not even close to being OK--that's straight up promoting your own listings, no two ways about it, end of story, buh bye!
  7. You are not allowed to post your own eBay auctions. As the seller you are allowed to post in the "authenticate this" thread to prove/show authenticity if it is being questioned.

    These are the rules in the Bal shopping subforum as I understand them.
  8. I don't sell bags or anything that would need authenticated here but I agree completely. If I did, I wouldn't respond to it either.

    And yup, CynthiaNYC, people have been known to post their own auctions in the great deals thread, at least on the LV forum anyway.
  9. You are permitted to defend yourself briefly if your auction is being questioned. If you do it via PM it may look like soliciting, if I were the member, I'd quickly state that it's mine and I guarantee authenticity. Period.

    Contrary to popular belief, we DO NOT discriminate who can/can not defend themselves, it's not looked down upon depending on who you are:nogood:

    good thing! This could get you banned! If anyone sees this, they need to report it, if that person has a habit of doing it, we'll remove them, it's advertising and we all know that's not okay! :biggrin:
  10. If someone posted one of my auctions in Authenticate This and one of the users said it was a fake or something about it looked questionable, I would definitely say it was my item and is 100% authentic, guaranteed. But hopefully this wouldn't ever happen as I take very detailed pictures and describe my items well. Other than that, I wouldn't say anything at all.
  11. I agree.
  12. Swanky, I didn't mean the mods frowned on it, but some members do. :s
  13. this is the only time we allow it.
  14. I would respond on the authenticate this thread to say the item is mine. I don't think it's tacky or self-promoting to say that it is mine.;)