Ebay and questions about louis vuitton ambre

  1. Hi there, Hopefully some of you are wiser and nicer than people on eBay forums. I posted a thread asking if there were ever any other bags in the ambre line besides the cabas, the mm, and the pm and no one answered me.

    Does anyone know?

  2. You'll get more response if you post the question directly in LV forum:yes: Anyway,the other one I can think of is the Ambre Cabas Cruise.
  3. There was one huge tote that had very little leather trim- just very thin shoulder straps. Seems like it was one of the first ambre pieces. No idea the name but you might have listed it already- was very square-ish. There are some people here on tPF who own it.
    Then the three sizes of the ambre cabas bags (dont know formal names- eluxury only listed them as "cabas" with their sizes)- PM, MM, GM with the brown plastic kinda loop strap things that are also on the LV stephen bag strap and have leather trim. I think I saw you have the PM of this particular style, shadow.
    They made them some years ago then released the regular cabas bags again when they put out the next bag-the last one- the cabas neo. It was on eluxury for sale in the summer of 2005 along with the three other regular cabas bags. It is similar to the shape and style of the le fabuleux suhali bag, but a little bigger. Lately Kim Kardashian has been toting one around. I've also seen some older pics of stars with it on the red carpet back when it released.
    I have the cabas neo. I love the leather detailing on that bag and altho I've only carried it twice I've gotten stopped so many times on each outing getting compliments.
    There may be more bags- but these are the only ones I'm really familiar with.
    There was also a line of clear epi totes but they of course had no monograms, just the lines made into the plastic like an epi bag.
  4. Here is a post detailing the bags-

    This thread gives some good info- http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton-reference-library/the-ultimate-limited-edition-reference-thread-no-comments-144818-3.html#post3016094

    There was also a tweedy bag that had ambre-ish material on it but it was probably more laminated canvas or something. I dunno.

    Year: Fall Winter 2003

    Collection: Tweedy

    Items Released:

    Tweedy Rabat


    Tweedy Zip


    Estimated prices in US $

    Tweedy Rabat $1640
    Tweedy Zip $2020

    Here are the other bags:

    Year: Cruise 2004

    Collection: Ambre

    Items Released:

    Ambre GM

    Ambre MM

    Ambre PM

    Ambre Neo Cabas


    Ambre Size Guide: (PM, GM, MM)


    Year: 1996
    Collection Name: Centenaire
    Items Released: 7 bags designed by 7 different designers celebrating the centennial anniversary of the monogram canvas.

    1. Isaac Mizrahi: Clear Plastic Tote

  5. Sorry couldnt fit this one in my last reply-

    Here is the pic of the large original ambre-
  6. Thanks a bunch! I asked on eBay, but they are all self aborbed ding bats with no information at all.

    I love these bags... so much. can u post pics of your bag?
  7. Experience has taught me to NEVER seek advice on eBay message boards. The "community" they tout as so helpful is in reality nothing more than groups of disgruntled "holier than thou" types who derive pleasure in finding fault with whomever is posing a question. For that reason my "favorite sellers" list consist of people whom I would never, under any circumstances, transact business with.

    Sorry, but I'm not LV informed enough to offer suggestions. Just wanted you to know you're not alone. Good Luck!
  8. Well thats good to hear.. I'm currently being stalked by many freqent "boardies". All i did was want people to report a seller for selling afake lv bag and then I get creamed with all kinds of ugly comments. I restore abused bags and then resell them. Gee, I got all kinds of uglyness about my bags being crap and dying my bags (which i never ever do). It's insane. I was just trying to help someone from being conned because Ive been conned myself. Seriously tho, regulars on there think they are some kind of ebay god with the power to get you kicked, banned or whatever. It's all just one big negative spinster orgy if you ask me.

    Not a place i really want to be.

    But thanks for the peace of mind! :smile:
  9. moving to LV Forum as this isn't eBay related. . . .
  10. Hi! This is my first post. I saw a note about the Ambre Cabas line being released previously and then re-introduced for the 2004 Cruise Collection. I bought the medium-sized bag from Fashionphile and jut bought the PM on Ebay. I was surpised to see th seller list anoyher bag with the ame text but with a 2002 date code. Can anyone help with this? It's made me second guess, though my instinct is that it's genuine. Thanks, Julie