Ebay and Paypal Info

  1. This is some info that I have for paypal and eBay, I'm not sure if this is current or not, but, it is worth a try.

    2005 Hamilton Ave.San Jose, CA 95125 NOT Confirmed
    2125 Hamilton Avenue San Jose CA 95125 NOT Confirmed

    2145 Hamilton Ave # 350 San Jose, CA 95125 Confirmed
    Hours: 7:30am to 5:30pm PT (California USA Time)
    1-408-376-6554 Fax Main - Confirmed
    1-408-558-7404 -Fax Customer Support NOT Confirmed

    The Following Numbers have been checked and work -
    1-877-438-3229 (California only - may no longer work)
    1-408-376-7400 A receptonist will answer
    Hours 7:30 AM 5:30 PM PT M-F
    Know Persons Extension press 1
    Dial by name Directory press 0
    Customer Service press 2
    Operator press 3

    Possible change in hours now 6 AM PT to 2 PM PT (not confirmed)

    This is a number I have for paypal :::: hope this works:::

    I had posted this in another thread but thought this may be easier to find later on.