Ebay and paypal coupon codes hard to find?

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  1. Seems like these are extremely rare, correct? I just made a hefty purchase. If there are no codes out there, I'm just going to pay now. TIA!
  2. They usually send them out to members, and it's only the recipients that can use them, i haven't had any for ages.
  3. The only "coupon" anymore is Bing's 8% (variable) cash back for ebay.
    Plus the ebay bucks that you accrue as you buy things on ebay.
  4. TXgirlie - how do I know how much ebay bucks I have? I didn' know we accrue bucks. Thanks!

  5. oh, just realized i have to sign up for ebay bucks but the limit is $25, huh? gosh, i wish codes came around more!

  6. Sign up and ebay will keep a running total at the top of your summary page. What do you mean the limit is $25?
  7. I don't have a limit on my ebay bucks.

    I thought ebay bucks was by ebay "invite" only. Is there actually a sign up link?
  8. I never receive any coupon from ebay ever.
  9. I have never received any coupon codes either! I am interested in signing up for ebay bucks though! How can you sign up?
  10. You have to be invited by ebay.
  11. Are these ebay bucks the same as ebay plus points?