Ebay and Lv's switching

  1. When you sell on eBay how do you protect yourself from someone claiming they got a fake only to return the fake to you and keep the deal bag ?
  2. Wow...that's a scary thought...one way someone could protect themselves is by taking photos of the purse -unique photos - maybe a little scratch mark, water mark, definitely the date code would help. That's a good question though, kind of scary to think there are creeps out there that would do something like that!!!
  3. If you are selling the bag as the real deal you have your pictures and your date code. If they return a fake then it won't have the date code as your original that you sent them. I know other people put these tags on them that if cut are no longer returnable.
  4. here is what i did.. :smile:

    attached the noe strap to the d-ring with this lock.
    Attached the key to the d-ring of the speedy.

    only way to get that off is cute it. I took pic's so i have the lock number :smile:
    and wrote it on the paypal invoice for my personal file.
    IMG_5577i.jpg IMG_5582i.jpg
  5. Where in the world do you get something like that Bag Fetish?
  6. Oooh, I like that too, another layer of security on top of the date code
  7. That's a great idea--but where did you get that neat plastic lock?
  8. great idea!!!

  9. what a worderful idea for a security tag:yes:
  10. Another idea is those 'wristbands' that you get at waterparks etc. Apparently you can buy them in party stores. If you write something (in your own handwriting - so you'll recognise it when it comes back) and put it on a non removable part of the bag, they won't be able to take it off without ripping it. This wasn't my idea - somebody else's that I read on the forum, but it seems like another good one!
  11. I was thinking about something like that but had no clue where to find them.
  12. to others my b/f's mother uses these when she travels.
    She attaches them to her luggage, this way she knows if someone has been through her stuff.
    No idea where she got them, i locked them in my b/f's duffle bag.
  13. I use security tags similar to that. The ones I use are by uline. do a google search and you will find them. :smile:
  14. ^^ thanks