Ebay and Chanel...

  1. Is checking Chanel Handbags on eBay part of your daily routine? Why? :biggrin:
  2. I just like looking at the pretty pictures. :biggrin:

    I'd be really hesitant to buy from eBay. I know there are legitimate sellers, but with the quality of fakes these days I wouldn't want to spend $2,000 on one.
  3. no.
    Why? Because at this point I'm not interested in buying bags unless they're from the boutique or NM.
  4. I think it is always a risk to buy Designer Handbags on E-Bay, personally I wouldn't spend $2000 on a Designer Handbag from E-bay because there could always be a risk that it is fake.
  5. Agree with the above...I would be afraid too
  6. no eBay for me.
    I like brand new from NM or the Chanel boutique too.
  7. I do. Ebay is not so scary. You just have to know what you're looking for. Me, not having much interest I would not feel comfortable buying a vintage bag because I am not familiar with the styles and don't want to take that chance. However, the newer styles I am very familiar with from countless hours here on tPF :p.....and have been lucky enough to get a couple of good deals and hard to find bags that are brand new from great sellers. As far as that goes there are plenty of reputable sellers on ebay many of which are members here which makes it even nicer I think.
  8. No, I am too scared....for the money I want the store/boutique experience. Maybe if I actually knew the person from say tpf , I might- esp. if it was a past production bag like a 2005 reissue....but I don't know who from tpf sells online so, I don't dare try to buy on ebay....

    All the best to those who do!!
  9. Love to see the picture but won't buy it from there. Same as above don't want to spend 2k on fake bag ;)
  10. i usually check the costume jewelry a few times a week. i think its much easily to spot a fake jewelry piece than handbag.
  11. Yes, I monitor personalshoppers. I trust her. But I will buy from store if I can since I can check the bag closely and have option to return.
  12. No, not Ebay, it's not fun to spend $$$$ on Ebay. I did buy a Chloe bag once since I was not willing to spend big money on it but I was confident about being authentic and it was used and cheap.
  13. Is this someone from tpf????
    You have purchased from her before??:confused1:
  14. I don't know if she is tpf but I trust her because most of her bags are brand new and those bags are from within one or two seasons. Everyone who know Chanel can tell they are authentic. Her photos are clear and very close-up to even show leather grain. Many of her bags are very vintage or hard to find. I just don't like her price though. Recently, she listed a hot pink jumbo for 3,000. If I like hot pink, I will pay that price because I can't find hot pink jumbo at any store.

    Yes, I already bought one bag from her and I am still looking for some bags from past seasons. If they show up on her list, I'll take it.
  15. No, not really.

    I sometimes look at the authenticate this threads, but I am not an eBay shopper. I only purchase my stuff from the boutiques or department stores. I want the peace of mind to know for sure that it is authentic.