eBay and Bonanzle (Bonanza) changes

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  1. Bonanzle will be changing to Bonanza and eBay has some new change announcements. :shocked:

    I look forward to your evaluations and comments. I am still digesting it. :confused1:
  2. It seems to me they're just complicating matters even more. Meanwhile, something as simple as enabling an impartial feedback system in which both buyers and sellers can rate transactions equally, rather than sellers not being able to leave Negs, seems impossible to them.
  3. Starting in November, when you specify 1-day handling time, upload tracking information by the end of the next business day after the buyer’s payment clears, and we know your package arrived within 4 business days from when the buyer pays (or arrived by your estimated delivery if that was earlier), eBay will automatically rate the transaction with 5 stars for shipping time.

    According to this, sellers are still being rated on the performance of the carrier service. If I ship same day or next day, how is it fair for me to be rated according to the time it takes for the carrier to deliver?
  4. Not that any of it matters anyway since items aren't getting exposure...:lol:
  5. The whole thing is terrible. They could not fully explain their duplicate item theory on their board tonight.

    Lets say you have 5 widgets. 2 widgets have brass thingees, one in good condition and one in very good condition. 3 widgets have nickel thingees, one in good condition and 2 in excellent condition. (all being listed fixed price)

    They think they have a software that will recognize that they aren't duplicate listings, but what happens if it messes up and takes down your listing?

    And in handbags, buyers want to see the bag they will get. Say you have 5 bags all NWT but with the C's in different places. You can only list one as fixed price at a time?
  6. I think they should have shorten their name to bonz. bonz.com..people like short name sometimes yaknow

    also they should consider embarking on a different method of payment acceptance *or* making their own. people are more likely to buy from eBay then bonz because bonz with paypal only covers if the item doesn't arrive. but if it was a fake that arrived then what? or what if it wasn't even the item listed? the questions go on..and I don't think bonz gives much buyer protection imho so I've been reluctant to buy from there (to be honest I don't see much difference in buying from a fellow member off a forum board, except, maybe you'd know that person better and better accountability)

    they have pos and neg for the buyers and sellers which is nice

    I think that *all* auction style or selling sites, when payments are made to a third party (I hope paypal is reading this but I'm doubtful) that the payment is held for a few days so that when the item arrives to the buyer it will then clear once it's what the buyer brought. because sometimes it's harder to recover the funds (mostly talking about payment made from bank account directly
    versus using credit cards..which I think they should discard because chargebacks are a PITA for both paypal and the seller not to mention, if they don't have the funds in the bank do you really wanna encourage them to buy?)

    and once the money clears because the item is received as described on the auction/sell page then that's that

    no buyers remorse and no fear of having used goods returned etc etc

    and if the item isn't, the buyer doesn't have to fear not being able to recover the funds nor does paypal have to dig out of their own pockets.

    and lower fees pls, the lower the more transactions makes up for that and more maybe even
  7. ^ That might work for buyers, but not for sellers. Not only can items take weeks to arrive somewhere if sent abroad (and buyers refuse to pay customs...), but buyers could abuse this system, just like any other.
  8. yup, what about when the buyer just refuses to pick up the package from the PO or something like that? Then the seller won't see the dime until it gets returned to her ( if it does)... Paypal holds almost all payments anyway these days I hear, especially for new sellers.

    Also it's always a good idea to use credit cards when making online purchases ebay or not- you have better protection that way.
  9. if buyers refuse it then it'll be returned to the seller and the seller will have the item back and the funds will revert to the buyer--if the seller can prove that they sent it then it should be minus the shipping (since the third party holds the funds they can decide)

    as for slow shipping this will require sellers
    and buyers to accept ONLY express with sig confirm or ems? which is pretty fast and IMHO best for both party

    you cheapen on the shipping it's not only slower but it's also a likely chance to get lost, or misdelivered and we all
    know how much USPS cares..
  10. why is it better by cc? cc numbers can be stolen..not to mention chargebacks (horrid) but if you receive the item, inspect it, and there's no fault or it's described as you purchased then that should be that

    that's just imho tho, I think it's unfair that people use an item or it gets broken or whatever and they do chargeback when paypal sees they're wrong--
  11. In a perfect, simpler world...but nothing about eBay and PP is simple and perfect. JMHO.
  12. yup which is why I think they should go with their own payment acceptance method or, find another way to do this

    because as long as paypal and eBay dominates this market (we can agree they pretty much do right?) they won't care so much about the buyer or seller only to the degree where they are making money which is why that system isn't perfect
  13. ITA. At the moment, they can do whatever they want.
  14. Good example of the "devil is in the details" I have no idea if they are prepared for this. It may point out the 'mentality' they have developed for the "big box" retailers, not the smaller folks.

    Did anyone notice if the seller is refunded for listings "taken down"? I did not see it addressed but my computer numb brain sometimes goes blank.:wacko:

  15. I have a question... what does this mean for Canadian buyers if sellers will only offer express shipping? Its expensive for us to go that route and unless I'm buying a big ticket item, I more often than not use first class... yes it takes a while but it doesn't bother me and I've always given sellers 5 stars for shipping.