ebay alma: getting wrinkles out of canvas?

  1. is it easy to get wrinkles out of mono canvas? i asked the seller, let-trade, about whether this alma was wrinkled, and he said that is wrinkled but that he hadn't attempted to stuff the bag or anything to get the wrinkles out.
  2. How do you wrinkle the canvas? Do you have pics?
  3. judging from the pic's of that alma( if its the mono on their site right now) i wouldnt worry about it. when the bag arrives over stuff it with towels and put it in the heat they will come out.
  4. It looks like that bag was really overstuffed& it is stretched outrather than wrinkled. I don't know if you can get it to shrink back into the proper shape.
  5. i like that alma's vintage "feel"

    very gorgeous
  6. I've been staring at that Alma for a while. For some reason I love the deep vintage color of that.
    I think once items are inside it would mellow out a bit... hopefully
  7. I love it, I dont think the wrinkles look bad at all.
  8. I like the patina too, new ones are scary to take care of. This is such a classic bag & the previous owner managed to get an even honey color, & that is not an easy task.