Ebay allows scammers to scam me

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  1. I have sold new Chanel Maxi for USD6500, sent by EMS. When the buyer received it, she told me that she received used fake LV shoes which surely not mine.
    In EMS form I have stated clearly that it is BAG. Logically, both Indonesia & US custom won't allow the buyer to receive the package if it wasn't really bag.
    But the buyer has escalated this case to ebay which ebay decides that I have to accept the return. I have told ebay that their request is non sense. You want me to lose my USD6500 Chanel bag then receive fake LV shoes. Ebay forced me to send the buyer return shipping label. If I don't do that tonight, they told me that they will refund the money back to buyer but the buyer doesn't have to send back. Also ebay will also charge me USD250 ebay final value fee. So it means I will lose my USD6500 Chanel bag + paying USD250 ebay final value fee.
    This matter really makes me disappointed as I have sold in ebay for 9 years with 300++ positive feedback. The buyer is only having 12 feedback.
    I'm desperate now as ebay clearly lose their minds to make this decision which is not fair at all. Please help.
  2. Omg. This is awful. I buy from EBay- but I'm too afraid to sell for these same reasons. It's people like this who ruin it for us newbies with a handful of positive feedbacks. I just can't believe it's that easy for them to scam u and get away with it. I am so sorry this happened to you...
  3. This is fraud, you need to document everything and report it to the police, make it clear to Ebay and the purchaser that you are reporting this as fraud, make it clear you will also be starting a case against the carrier. Your bag has been stolen by someone either the purchaser or the carrier so it needs to be reported in both countries. Good luck and really sorry to hear what has happened.
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  4. deff agree. If I can remember correctly anything over USD 1K is considered a federal crime. I also think that you should report this to the police
  5. Is it possible that the package was tampered with and the bag was stolen in transit?
  6. OMG! I am So, So sorry OP! What a nightmare! This is Clearly a SCAMMER at work? :eek: You have to wonder "IF" the package was tampered with? Then who on earth carries a Fake pair of LV Shoes around with them in the hope they can do a "Switch-a -roo" with? :huh:

    Another reason why I would never Sell! I only ever Consign.
  7. I have sold hundreds LV or Chanel bag then sent by EMS but nothing happens.
    This is def the work of the buyer which is surely scammer.
    Unfortunately I live in Indonesia which I don't sure will be bothered with this case, which is the suspect is in USA :sad:.
    So I think there is nothing I could do with legal officers.
    But one thing that bothers me is that why ebay is eye closed on the scammers, don't protect seller at all,
    Ebay also threatened me with this words :
    On 6/9/16 we sent you an email explaining that you are required to provide your customer with a return shipping label, or funds to return the item to you. In that email, we stated if the actions were not taken within 5 days the case would be closed with a full refund, without requiring the return of the Authentic Chanel Maxi .
    eBay is always here to assist you should you need help in resolving a claim. I know this may not have been the result you were looking for in this case, but since your customer has not received a label, a refund has been processed. Please continue to work with your buyer if you would like your item returned.
    If you have any further questions with this case please feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to address any concerns with you.
    Kim S.
    eBay Customer Service

    They can't understand that I'm the victim & the scammer is the seller.
    They just let scammers growing in ebay which makes ebay def not safe to sell high end items.
    I just send reply that no need to ask for return shipping label from me as I don't need FAKE LV shoes which is not mine.
    I also will have to pay the return shipping so why would I bother to get FAKE shoes?
    The buyer sent ebay pics with by plastic bag which I put in the bag with her fake LV shoes on top.
    It is Black Damies shoes with LV engraved on top.
    I tried to look for the fake LV shoes she sent me but there's no more, because been escalated in ebay decision.
    I'm so frustated.
  8. rein, did you insure your package? Can't you file an insurance claim to recoup your money?
  9. Not sure if this still applies, but I think there's a limit on the value that you can declare for leather goods coming into Indonesia (I think it was $2500).

    I once had two Lady Dior bags up for sale and a buyer in Indonesia wanted to buy both and have both shipped out in the same container to save on shipping. It look customs a week to clear and they sent it back to me stating that I could only declare $2500 per container for leather goods. I ended up shipping both bags out in two separate boxes (the bags were under $2500 each) and my buyer told me that the boxes were opened and inspected. So it also could be customs tampering with your package. I've sent stuff back to another country in Southeast Asia and items actually went missing inside. I am sure that customs "inspected" the box and took what they thought was valuable and shipped the cheaper items to my recipient. It wasn't an eBay transaction, just some gifts that I was sending back for a friend. There are countries that I no longer ship to because of this issue.
  10. Honestly because I have heard bad experience if stated real amount in Indonesia Post or transit.
    That's why I always mark as gift for USD100 value so it doesn't paid any attention to thief in transit or both Indoesia & US post office.
    I feel safer that way. I think Indonesia Post also won't accept that high value item if I stated USD6500.
    It is surely the buyer who tries to scam me, not people in transit or post office.
    I ever sent Chanel bag in Chanel box around 2 years ago but the items returned to me as US Post office is asking for some legal paper because it is made of real leather which is only caviar, not the exotic one.
    That's why from that experience, I always stuffed a lot of stuffer in bags but wrapped it very carefully in bubble wrap & plastic bag, not in real Chanel box.
    In that way, the package will be safely delivered without any questions or asking legal papers which is very hard to be completed.
    She sent pic of my plastic bag & those fake LV shoes on top of it but when I try to find the pics it's been deleted by ebay system because it's now in ebay decision for this case so I can't share it here.
    It is big size of fake men LV shoes & it won't fit in my plastic bag which she took pics underneath the shoes.
    Also it's fake LV shoes.
    How will someone in post office or transit will prepare fake LV shoes to be switched?
    It won't make any sense if not the buyer who switched it,
    Also after trying to remember something, I realize that my plastic bag won't fit because the shoes is bigger than my plastic bag,
    How can the shoes can be put into smaller plastic bag?
    She gets my plastic bag but takes pic of the fake LV shoes right on the plastic bag I sent along with my Chanel bag.
    I also have told that to ebay this evidence this morning but I haven't received any reply
    Her ebay ID is : investmentsintl
    Please be careful all.
  11. You shipped a $6500 Chanel bag internationally in nothing sturdier than a bag?
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  12. This happens a lot in India. The postal workers there help themselves to the parcel contents and deliver the remainder. In China, DHL and Fedex have delivered empty boxes to my office there, and the contents weren't even valuable. Indonesia and the Philippines don't care what value you put on your parcel. The customs officers probably have a quota to meet so they generate revenue by putting a $50 import tax on a $5 item.
  13. Have to agree about China specifically. I had a friend whose mother sent her chocolates to where she way studying in China and she received the chocolate box but with all the chocolates inside having been eaten which means that they opened the package, took out the chocolates, and repackaged it with an empty chocolate box inside. I always thought that was crazy!
  14. Ebay just give the money back to seller. Also take the FVF usd250 from me. I have messaged that you make me lose my USD6500 chanel bag + I still have to pay USD250 for ebay unfair decision. Ebay policy is too unfair for seller. They just want to make money even though the policy makes other bled. Very ridiculuous.
  15. I wish you got a good buyer. What happen to you was awful. You were victimized twice by EBay and the bad buyer. EBay has a lot of good buyers, but the bad buyers sting real hard. I can't sell anything I don't want to loose on EBay because EBay does not really have seller protection. Buyers have great protection, but not sellers.