Ebay Advise Needed

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  1. Hi I bought an item on eBay on the 9th. I emailed the seller on the 10th. She said that she would mail it out saturday. I emailed on sunday asking if she had sent it out. she said i will send the tracking number on monday, i am not home this weekend but she listed 3 items right around the same time that the sent me that email. I emailed today and she has not returned my email. what should I do??
  2. This should probably go in this thread: eBay Forum

    However, I think it's a little early to get too upset. It's only been four days since the auction ended. Personally, I ship out the same or next day but not all sellers do that and eBay requires that they ship within seven days. I'd wait a few more days and email the seller asking for shipment confirmation and a tracking number. :yes:
  3. Hi. Don't be so anxious. The seller doesn't have to ship it out the second they receive payment. I paid for something July 24th & got it last Tues or Wed. Give it some time. People don't sit at their computer 24 hr a day 7 days a week.

    Now, if you haven't received it by the 19th, then start worrying. Also the number the post office gives is only a delivery confirmation number. Thus you won't be able to tell anything by it until it shows it was delivered to you.
  4. Be patient. Seller probably got busy. Like pp said the # will not tell you anything until its sitting in your mailbox. I try to mail out the same or next day, but things do come up. Our post office is closed on Saturday and of course Sunday so I have to wait until Monday(if someone pays on Friday, Sat/Sun). But even then if something comes up I may *have * to wait until Tuesday. Like today, for instance, I was suppose to mail 2 pkgs from Friday off today, but dd got sick so I will have to do it tomorrow for sure! As a ebayer buyer I love to hear from the seller as when she ships, etc. But as a seller myself, I really do get tied up and forget most times to email and let them know to expect their packages.
  5. ^ She may have scheduled those listings days/weeks in advance, so doesn't need to be present when a listing starts. I do that quite often (but then I try to ship on the same or next day...)
    I hope it's on the post by now though!
  6. I wouldn't stress it just yet. Give her another couple of days.
  7. Yeah definitely give her more time. As a seller, I get really annoyed when people expect me to send their items out the second they send their payments. I get them out usually the day after, which I think is pretty quick.
    One that really bothered me was when the lady took 5 days to pay, then emailed me 2 days after she paid and wanted to know where her item was. Ugh.
  8. That's funny. I had to file a non-paying bidder report before a buyer paid. I swear, the very next day she emailed me, all annoyed, wanting to know where her package was and that she needed it ASAP as she was going out of town and wanted to take it with her. :rolleyes:
  9. Hi today is the 15th still no item. Hopefully tomorrow
  10. Hi today is the 15th still no item. Hopefully tomorrow btw I paid 5 minutes after I won item I paid via paypal.
  11. It's only been 4 business days since you paid on the 9th. I wouldn't worry until the end of next week. I don't know what shipping method was, but parcel post can take 2 weeks, even more sometimes (I've had it take up to 3.5 weeks), which the seller can't help.
  12. I would give the seller a little more time. Not everyone ships immediately. Some sellers only ship twice a week. As far as her not responding to your email yet, not everyone is sitting in front of their computer every second of the day to respond to emails. Most sellers have other jobs and cannot reply to emails while they are working. Hang in there, I'm sure it will work out.
  13. You have GOT to be kidding me. What is WRONG with people? :nogood:

    I'm waiting for a lady to pay me for some shoes I sold..she won them on the 12th and I sent her 2 invoices and an email. She still hasn't tried to make contact with me to tell me how she intends to pay. Sigh.
  15. i was just thinking that. Right now it's too soon to worry im sure it will show up :tup: