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  1. Hi guys,

    I am new here, so, I'm not sure if a thread like this exists already or not, but, here is my problem:

    I just bought a pair of glitter CL heels off of eBay last week and now the seller is using the same exact pictures that were used to sell the pair I purchased in a new advertisement.

    Obviously there must be some sort of rules against this because it is fraudulent, regardless, of whether or not the shoes are the same style/color/size. (Also, I saw these same pictures in another add on bonanza here: http://www.bonanza.com/booths/Isabella_2009/items/NIB_Christian_Louboutin_Glitter_Shoes_)

    Also, when I recieved the shoes, I initially thought only one was authentic because the size of the peep toe cut outs were different on both heels. It was mentioned in one of the authenticity threads that they may be a mismatched pair. I now believe this is the case and have emailed the seller since the seller is now selling the same heels, size, color in a new auction.

    If the seller does not reply, what should I do? Any advice?

    Here is the link to the new auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/NIB-Christian-Louboutin-Very-Prive-Glitter-Shoes-/180573024291?pt=US_Women_s_Shoes&hash=item2a0afdb023

    In the main photo you can see there may be a difference in the peep toe size.

    Here are pictures I took of the difference: (yes, it is very obvious to me)




    I now think this is a little fishy because of the same pictures being used in more than one auction.... :confused1:
  2. perhaps they bought a fake pair and a real pair and switched them up? hmmm post your pictures of both shoes in the authenticity thread sounds fishy to me too i would file as snad if either shoe turns out to be fake, do they both fit the same?
  3. It is possible that the seller forgot to close the ebay auction?

  4. She already did. Both shoes look authentic.

  5. Well, I have been looking for more glitter CLs since I bought these (just about searching everyday) and this is the first day I saw them. After I verified their authenticity, I left feedback.

    The auction was closed because after I left feedback I looked at the seller's store to see other shoes for sell and this new auction was not posted.
  6. I would wait for the seller's reply then.

    ETA: sorry, I don't know why I thought you bought them on Bonanza.

  7. The shoes fit fine... The only place I can tell a difference is that one peep toe shoes more toe than the other... It is slightly annoying for a perfectionist like myself. :smile: