Ebay advice - perforated speedy

  1. I need some advice from the LV experts, I am thinking of selling my BNWT green perforated speedy on ebay. The bag is cute, but its not me and I don't like the small handles. Do you think it will sell if I list it for $1100? I don't want to sell too low - because one day this bag may be in demand like the other limited speedies, but on the other hand, if I can sell if for a decent price, I'd rather have the money to put towards a bag I will use. So, should I try to sell it or hold on to it for now? Thanks!
  2. Put what you want for it (what you paid + listing fees) as your starting price and see what it goes for. They are still in the shops and are not really that limited. If you wait to long you may not recoup your costs, and I don't really see anyone on ebay getting the inflated wishful prices. Why don't you just exchange it??
  3. ^^ I bought it at a LV boutique in March - the 2 week exchange period is over. I should have bought it at a Saks or NM boutique. I guess I'll list it and see what happens.
  4. Take it back to the store and if it's new they should take it back! Just tell them it was a gift and your DH was waiting to give it to you that is why you are past 14 days period!
  5. I guess its worth a shot!
  6. Tell us how it goes.
  7. they should accept to take it back