Ebay accounts taken over by hackers

  1. It is a frightening thought that it could be so easy for a hacker to take over your ebay account!

    Last Sunday I listed one of my designer bags for auction, and since then I've received in excess of 60 spam emails telling me about great deals to be had. You know the ones... the ones that start with "Dear friend...". They are driving me nuts!!! I get 5-10 a day. Is this the norm, when listing high-end stuff? I've received these kind of spam before, but in this quantity! It's so frustrating.

    Anyway, after reporting them to ebay, they reply telling me that they believe that these accounts have been taken over.

    ... our initial review of this situation leads us to believe that the recent email sent from this account may actually be the result of an unauthorised account takeover. We are now in the process of verifying the actual sender and will restore the account to its true owner if necessary.

    How scary is that? Is it really that easy? Spam is not the worst thing they could do! There have been complaints where these hackers have used people's accounts to sell designer stuff with ridiculously low buy-it-nows just so they can get the money quickly.

    What is ebay coming to?
  2. I hate it every time I list a high end bag get loads of these emails, which I keep reporting but no sooner does ebay remove the people that send then they set up new accounts again. Thats why a lot of people do private listing for these bags so you do not (or the buyers) get loads of these emails. What ever you do, do not answer them.
  3. I don't reply to them. I think I received about 70 in the 7 days I had my item listed. It's frustrating. I do report every single one. It's tempting to tell them to FO, but I think that will make the situation worse. What concerns me is that a lot of the messages I received were from existing accounts. After reporting them, ebay told me that those accounts were actually taken over over hackers. Scary.
  4. My god that's SO annoying!! sorry to hear that's happening to you :sad: