Ebay account got hacked in!

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  1. I was at work this morning and got an e-mail from my bf. He said that he had over 30 e-mails this morning and found out that someone had hacked into his ebay account and listed 25+ fake chanel purses for sale. His account got reported to ebay since someone was trying to sell fake purses and now his account is suspended. This similar situation has happened to our one friend so she's going to help him out to resolve this. He had to change his passwords to anything he has a web access to. :sad:
  2. I don't know how the hackers got into your bf's account but I've heard many stories like this. Its usually because you get an email that you think is from eBay and you sign in through a link on the email. The hackers get your password that way. Thats why I never click on any links through my emails.

    I hope your bf doesn't have to pay for anything as a result of hackers. Please let us know what happens =)
  3. ahh! this makes me more and more scared of ebay. let us know what happens, i hope everything goes well.
  4. See, the weird things is he never got an e-mail from ebay and never didn't sign through anything which is what's even more scary. Anyways, one of his friends is a very reputable seller who sells vintage gucci on ebay and she said she's going to take care of it since she's very well known by ebay. Hopefully this will never happen again.