Ebay a cheap place for Fendi!

  1. I recenlty sold a Fendi bag on Ebay and I was shocked at how little I got for it. $60 for a suede baguette.

    (I'm not complaining - I was selling it for my mom* see funny story below)

    Anyhoo - looks like there's not much competition for 'vintage' Fendis.
    Here's the link to the one I sold to see what I mean:

    Please do not link your own eBay auctions, we do not permit that. Thanks.

    So - go shopping!:smile:

    *story only ya'll will apperciate.
    My mom got a whole bunch of designer bags from a friend who was spring cleaning. She showed me the chanel, the prada, the gucci, then she says "And this one - but I don't think it's any big name." :wtf: "Mom - that's Fendi!" and she was like 'What's that?" - crazy!

  2. oh that is quite cheap! I thinking of buying a Fendi spy? :shrugs:
  3. The Ebay auction link I posted was over - so it's not like I was trying to sell the bag on here or anything.
  4. The Spies are going for a lot higher - I think the 'vintage' Fendi's are the ones that are low. ('vintage' as in not this season =) But if you do look for a Spy on Ebay make sure you go to the 'authenticate this' page first because there a lot of fakes on Ebay.
  5. Yes, vintage Fendi is super cheap on ebay! I hardly see any that exceed $100, and a lot seem pretty authentic.
  6. Actually, a lot of the "vintage" Fendi baguettes and mama bags on ebay are fake. So I'd be very careful.

  7. It doesn't matter, we don't allow anyone to link to their own eBay auctions.